Politics Of Corruption From The Vatican To The White House


Obama Grin

New York (Storch Report) — Where ever we live, if people have the opportunity to express their opinion, whether it be through freedom of speech or the right to vote for a political candidate they should take advantage of that privilege, but not be naive about what it’s significance might be to result in change.

History has proven that criminal acts have been recorded over a period of time in the highest of the world’s deity, the Vatican, the foundation of the Catholic Church.  And, despite what the power brokers of this political force says, and has said throughout history, its acts of criminality, many proven, served its goals of the Church and perhaps its devious purposes and continues to this day.

We have seen this behavior among the power brokers of Fascism, Imperialism, Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Democracy, Dictatorships and Monarchies over the course of the earth’s history and throughout its wars with duplicitous behavior. 

 In the United States, we have seen this criminality rear its ugly head in the form of anger fostered by President Obama and this was done with a Marxist-influenced agenda of the likes of Saul Alinsky and Obama’s association with the likes of convicted terrorist Bill Ayers.

Furthermore, it was supported by Obama appointees, most notably Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who did her master’s thesis on Alinsky and is now poised to be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States, while facing and investigation by the FBI for alleged criminal charges for having a private email server while secretary of state. 

The presidential campaign in the United States is a comedy act globally.  Hillary laugh-offs a question about being led off in handcuffs on the Today Show — while her husband Bill would most likely like to see this — and Ted Cruz stumbles over his comment of New York values in light of Trump’s 9/11 analogy — the sandbox is being prepared for these children to play in.

You see, global power brokers can’t get where they want to be without being crooks, whether they be politicians or white collar criminals, pulling the strings as corporate Wall Street CEO’s of the Pols they control to satisfy the 1 % of the wealth in America, which they are a part.

This show, which should hit broadway shortly, either as a play or musical, or both, is playing out before our digital eyes.

It is an interesting dynamic, the show has been staged and directed by Obama; however, don’t be naive about your freedom of speech, or your vote within the Democracy.

The scenario you are witnessing, as bizarre as it may seem, is fixed and you have little control to change it.

Perhaps most of what you witness on the web or see on TV is fixed. It was all predicted a long time ago by Vance Packard in the “Hidden Persuaders”. 





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