Political Correctness V Political Corruption

political correctnessWashington DC — (Storch Report) — Political Correctness in America seems to be more important in our culture than Political Corruption, the latter being a cancer eating at the core of the nation’s Democracy.

At the outset of this thesis let us agree that everything in our culture is political, whether you work for the government, a corporation or a fast food chain.

Politics does not just exist in the DC beltway, it is rampant in corporations, Wall Street, banks, sports, foundations and yes small business, where most of the jobs are created.

Politics in its traditional genre of someone being elected to public office more often than not has proven to be historically corrupt.

And unfortunately it is accepted by society as being the norm and is cast off as an acceptable trait of a politician.

In other words from the grass roots of local politics to the progressive path of higher office it is axiomatic that you can’t get where you might want to go on a straight and narrow path of honesty and trust.

In my early years as a reporter at the Daily Record in Morristown New Jersey, circa late 50’s early 60’s, I covered Hanover Twp. in Morris County as one community that was part of my six town beat.  

Harry Sears was the township attorney, a nice cooperative media accessible man who eventually entered the political arena, climbed rapidly through GOP politics and positions, and quickly achieved corrupt political acclaim as the bag man between Vesco  and Nixon.

Only a plea bargain allowed him to avoid a jail sentence.

This was but one example of what I witnessed that escalated from local politics to a national DC beltway story.  There were many more examples before and many thereafter.

There are cheaters in every aspect of our lives, I need not list the litany of those that have been exposed and jailed in the field of politics, but they are in the private sector as well,  for politics plays a role here too — including the sanctity of religion.  For the ingredients of political corruption, greed, power and ego are here as well.

But today we are being distracted by the progressive nonsense and sensitivity of political correctness, primarily related to racism and the over sensitivity of words.

However, when it comes to the politics of leading a country, where are we in relationship to the cover-up of Benghazi, the IRS scandal of targeting Conservatives, the NSA spying on Americans, the Snowden exposure of classified documents, the Madoff Ponzi scheme, MLB scandals, NFL scandals, global soccer scandals, or for that matter the Olympics, and if they are in these sports how many others; Obamacare, bailouts, and pedophiles in the Catholic Church, while the Pope addresses Climate Change?

The question must be asked are we in a better place today?

Greed seems to be a primary motive of corruption, along with the lust for money, sex and power in order to fulfill an ego. Meanwhile on the surface of our cultural we seem to be more concerned with the political correctness of words rather than the political corruption of our leaders, in both the private and public sector, who are destroying the core of our democracy.



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