Political Correctness Is Incorrect

Washington DC (Storch Report) – The reason political correctness is not correct is because it is associated with a political movement – progressivism – a liberal trend that precludes free speech.

In other words, the form of speech a progressive partakes in today is a monologue, among colleagues of the same persuasion, singing to each other from within the same choir.

A dialogue would provide another point of view and once upon a time there were social cocktail parties where this mix of divergent views took place, respectfully and amicably, I can vouch for it.

Today these parties don’t exist on a social level anymore.  The host thinks twice before mixing guests of today’s two political Parties – Democrats and Republicans – because the hatred has escalated to such a degree that the fear is that if the topic of what sounds like and innocent subject, political correctness, comes-up it could ruin the evening.

However, this does not just occur on a social level, it is ingrained in our educational system, K thru 12, it’s on college campuses, influenced by liberal professors and administrators, has severely impacted legislators in Congress where a malaise of inaction has set in and is fueled by a progressive liberal media, which, unfortunately has abandoned traditional journalistic principles.

I don’t go to cocktail parties anymore for a variety of reasons, one of which is – political correctness.






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