Petulant Obama Refuses To Identify Enemy, Calling Those Who Do ‘Yapping’


Petulent Obama

Washington DC (Storch Report) — If President Obama were a doctor treating a medical condition it appears he would treat the symptoms rather than trying to find and eliminate the etiology of the problem.

This is how he has been treating ‘ISIS,’ which he calls ‘ISIL,’ this is how he refuses to identify ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ by calling them ‘extremist’ or domestic criminals while ISIS has declared war against the United States, recently killing 49 over the past weekend and injuring 53 as Obama makes excuses for the enemy referring to the Orlando massacre as a hate crime and domestic-born terrorism, addressing it as though it were a second story criminal act.

Coining a phrase from Hillary Clinton the Dem candidate for president, ‘What Difference does it make’ if it was as Obama says ‘domestic- born radical Islamic terrorism.’ ISIS achieved its objective?

It is well known in treating a medical condition you have a better chance of curing the problem if you identify the etiology, deal with it if you can and you can resolve the problem.

Treating the symptoms is not a resolution, it is palliative.  And that is precisely how Obama has been dealing with radical Islam terrorism for the past seven-and-a-half years.

Obama, for reasons only known to him, refuses do declare war against ISIS, while ISIS has declared war against the United States.

He refuses to attack radical Islamic terrorism nor the radical religious fanaticism he is being forced to address here in the United States while innocent American citizens are paying the ultimate price.

Obama fails and refuses to understand that sometimes you don’t have a choice to go to war, e.g., Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.

Today he once again addressed the slaughter in Orlando defensively, with anger, arrogance and child-like petulance accusing Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, of making America less safe by attacking Muslims and slamming the GOP for saying ‘radical Islamic terrorism was meaningless political yapping.’

His treatment for dealing with the symptoms of a condition he fails to address, is to further restrict gun control in the United States treating the symptom, not eliminating the cause.

If we restrict or ban guns, do we continue to do so with pressure cookers, knives, nails, hydrogen peroxide, pesticides and other household products that can kill when put in the right form?

Chicago, Obama’s hometown, has strict gun control laws and deaths by bullets are soaring, likewise Paris has strict gun control laws and it hasn’t stopped ISIS from its radical Islamic terrorism in the city of lights.

Perhaps one should look into Obama’s inability to call a spade a shovel by looking into his genetics, examining his very own description of the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”  









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