‘Secret Society’ Of ‘Snakes in the Swamp’

Could the ‘Secret Society’ within the FBI be much like the secret society of the ‘Skull & Bones’ at Yale, the forerunner of the CIA, or, perhaps, the Da Vinci Code of the Vatican and the Masons? Continue reading

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Trump Presidency Exposes Hatred Of Progressives, Main Stream Media Fake News, And More . . .

Washington DC (Storch Report) – Because of the nation’s decision for change a year ago, the character they voted into the presidency has revealed more about the way in which this democracy works than anyone wanted to know, and while doing so, made America better for the people than its been in decades. An outstanding achievement. Continue reading

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Golden Globes A Sea Of Black


Hollywood (Storch Report) – It was a performance of up’s and mostly downs at the Golden Globes last night, not bad, considering that it was originally cast as a funeral protesting the sexual harassment of men over women. Continue reading

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West Bend (Storch Report) – Privilege is perceived in today’s culture as being white, privilege is being born to a sex in which you are comfortable, privilege is coming from a family of means and privilege is being born in a country like the United States. Continue reading

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Dems Got Coal In Their Stockings

Washington DC (Storch Report) – Liberal Progressives have been living in a cocoon of bitterness for the past year lamenting past Obama-isms of vitriol that has been anything but sweet. Continue reading

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Hate V Reality . . . Wake Up America!

Washington DC (Storch Report) -It is interesting how hate can overpower reality and facts can be stubbornly ignored by progressive liberals who attempt to thwart benefits achieved for the people of America such as jobs, the economy (upward of 3 %) lower taxes and freedom with protection.
Continue reading

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Power Brokers Of Sex

Washington DC (Storch Report) – Men have participated in acts of sex along with the oldest profession practiced by women of prostitution.  Continue reading

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Restaurant Happenings On Manasota Key


Manasota Key Fl (Storch Report) – Gulf View Grill is now the Waverly Restaurant And Bar, Flounders is now the Sand Bar, Lock ‘N Key remains the same and the Manasota Key Coffee House closed. Continue reading

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Progressive Liberal Mania & Left Wing Media Psychosis Belies The Truth

New York (Storch Report) – Screaming at the sky protesting Trump’s presidency a year after his election appears to me to be bizarre behavior by liberal Americans. Continue reading

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Elder Statesman Of Bush Clan Shows Mettle

New York (Storch Report) – Republican elitism rears its ugly head among the Bush clan from George H. W. to George W.  Continue reading

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