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Simi Valley Ca. (Storch Report) — Only in America can we reduce candidates vying for the highest office in our land to something less than presidential.

You really have to be a masochist to run for president of the United States.

We don’t Coronate our Presidents as the UK does its Kings and Queens, we vilify them.

We do it before they become president, while they are president and after they leave office.

Take the Donald, pictured on the top of this column, he is known as the Teflon Don who steps on mines and walks away.

He gives columnists more fodder than one needs.  Last night during the Republican debate he showed all of the faces the Don has in but three hours that we journalists could possibly use in his lifetime.

And after all is said and done, it appears that he loves the attention along with the colleagues he berates.

You see it is all fair game, well maybe not so fair, but their faces, their persona, their words, their hair, their body language etc., etc., etc., are all part of the public domain, by their own choice for anyone to have a free-for-all with under the first amendment.

It strikes me with perturbation, how we can be so politically incorrect while trying in today’s social climate to be so politically correct.

Today everything is a reality show, and the cast of characters lend themselves to yesterday’s ‘Greatest Show On Earth.’

If we were asked to come up with a word association depicting each of the Republican candidates for president, it might look something like this:

Carly Fiorina – ‘Pretty Face’

Marco Rubio – ‘H2O’

Jeb Bush – ‘Tippytoes’

Chris Christie –  ‘Lindbergh’ (as in Blimp)

Donald Trump – ‘Squirrels Nest’

John Kasich – ‘Mr. O’

Rand Paul – ‘Goldilocks’

Scott Walker – ‘Hoffa’ (as in Union)

Ben Carson – ‘Doc’

Mike Huckabee – ‘Preacher’

Ted Cruz – ‘Perfect’

It appears that the agenda is being driven by the Donald, who’s ability to stand for three hours is greater than his depth of knowledge on domestic or world issues, while the others appear to be following the Pied Piper much the way the Republican controlled Congress follows the executive orders, with out objection, of Marxist President Obama.

After all it is entertainment, if it were not why would Jeb Bush, who is 6’3, stand-up on his tippytoes to be a head above everyone else for a group debate photo? Rather sophomoric. 

But the last laugh is once again on the Republicans, for after all they will have to vote for one of these blokes.





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2 Responses to Only In America

  1. norman says:

    Republicans don’t have to vote for any of them. There’s always Hillary.
    In my opinion there are two qualified candidates trying for the Republican nomination. The best by far is John Kasich and a distant second is Jeb. If it were between Clinton and Kasich the country would be in competent hands.
    The Marxism I studied in graduate school has no resemblance to anything Obama has done. We have an economy that has created more wealth for the wealthiest among us than at any time in our history. Additional millionaires have also been a result of the Obama economy.
    Maybe you meant Sidney Marx, my accountant.

  2. Don Storch says:

    I’ll bet it was Sidney.

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