One Day The President Pardons 2 Turkeys The Next Day A Nation Eats The Rest



Washington DC (Storch Report) — President Obama said today while pardoning two turkeys, “I know some folks think this tradition is a little silly.  I do not disagree.” It’s the only words he has spoken since he has been president that I agree with.  But this is where we part. He may describe it as ‘silly’ which is what I agree with, but I see it as symbolic of hypocritical behavior, which continues this ‘silly’ tradition.

Two turkeys are spared this Thanksgiving eve, there given names are Honest and Abe, Honest will be held in an undisclosed location ready to step in if Abe can’t fulfill his duties to walk around and gobble all day.

So we spare two symbolic turkeys, eat the rest and celebrate Thanksgiving, and the landing of the Pilgrims from which we are descendants, identified as refugees of early times, and cast aside the Native American Indians who occupied this land, and now fear of what happened to them by us then might happen to us today by a new influx of refugees.

It sure is a nation of hypocrisy when you reflect upon history.

As we ourselves would be identified as refugees then by our definitions of today we sure didn’t deal well with the Native American Indians whose land we invaded, treated badly and now fear today from others identified as possible Islamic radical terrorists but are nothing more than modern-day refugees.

But tomorrow we are going to give Thanks for a series of hypocritical behaviors from the very inception of a nation’s being.

Times have changed since the Pilgrims landed and we must factor in those elements, is it more dangerous, I don’t know, I would suggest it is relative.

I believe we are sophisticated enough today to recognize that we are not any more capable of vetting incoming refugees today than the Native American Indians were when we commandeered their nation and left those with a lesser culture than they once had before we arrived.

Those who wish to govern need to reflect more upon history in order to be leaders.








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