Once Again In A Crisis – Ebola – Obama Leads From Behind And Treats It As A Political Issue

Ron Klain & Kevin Spacey

Washington DC (Storch Report) — President Obama resists banning travel from West Africa because he believes a travel ban would be less effective than current screening measures leading to fewer cases of Ebola, yet he names a political operative, a PR person with no medical background whatsoever, to be the Ebola Czar.

The contagion of Ebola, which the administration downplays, is a medical issue and banning persons from West Africa from entering the United States is common sense, with more than 100 legislators agreeing with the ban.  Obama doesn’t think he has an Ebola problem, he thinks he has a political problem about Ebola.  He said that what has taken place in the US is a “limited outbreak and we shouldn’t overreact.”

It is a clear indication of the way in which Obama governs from behind with indecisive decisions, whether it be health care, wars, terrorism, the economy, foreign policy or a contagious hemorrhagic virus of the magnitude that could explode to proportions and possible catastrophic results of that in West Africa; but it is obvious politics is the driving force in the president’s decision making process.

If this were not true he would not have named Ron Klain a political operative, with no background in medicine or public health, with what Obama perceives as political communications problem rather than a medical problem.

Klain will be responsible for coordinating the Obama administration’s Ebola response efforts.

Is that what we need, a proper response to a spreading disease?  Or, do we need to shut down the spread at the source, find drugs to treat the disease and a vaccine to prevent it?

Klain is a longtime Dem in all the right circles and a generous political donor donating some $17,890 to Democratic candidates and campaign committees.

He was chief of staff to Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, he managed Gore’s legal team during the 2000 presidential election recount in Florida and prepped John Kerry in 2004 for his debates.

Klain was portrayed by Kevin Spacey in the movie ‘Recount’ and his character, ironically, in the movie ‘Outbreak’ died of Ebola.

And so what we have for a solution to Ebola by President Obama is a Czar who is a ‘response coordinator,’ someone who will protect Americans through talk.

In other words Obama sees this crisis as a communications problem, not health problem.

While we slickly talk about a potential Ebola epidemic with a response coordinator, something we have been aware of for decades, rather than getting in front of it with proper protocol, treatment and prevention, which has failed us so far; perhaps there is an underlining objective  — population cleansing to reduce the cost of Obamacare?



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