Obama’s Weakness Fuels The Winds Of War


Death Stare

China (Storch Report) — It is not exactly the legacy the first black president of the United States was looking for as he made his farewell Asian tour on his way to a G20 meeting, but it was a send-off President Barack Obama earned.

When Air Force I arrived in China the Chinese government served up a stairway that was too short for a 747 and Obama couldn’t deplane to a red carpet welcome and went to the ‘back of the bus’ to exit Air Force I, an obvious planned gesture by the Chinese to humiliate.

Representatives of the Chinese government greeted White House staff and the media with disdain and confrontation, telling them where they were designated to stand on the tarmac which erupted in a row that nearly ended in fisticuffs.  A Chinese rep told the Americans, “This is our country and this is our airport.”

At the G20 meeting Putin of Russia shook hands with Obama, both exchanging death stares, and a planned meeting with Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, was canceled after he called Obama, a ‘son-of-a-bitch.’  The swear at the US president, which Duterte later said he regretted, came about as a result of Obama’s comments about his handling of drug dealers, using government executions without any judicial process.  Duterte said he was, “No American puppet.”  He said he was responsible to the Filipino people.

With friends like these Obama was getting the respect of the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield who use to jest about it in his acts, but Obama was not acting.

In the Strait of Hormuz US Navy ships are being harassed by Iranian nat-like patrol boats in international waters, the Chinese have built 7 islands over reefs in the South China Sea, ignoring international law and are buzzing US Navy ships with jets who come near the islands, and in international waters Russian jets are doing likewise.

Meanwhile Obama does little but file a formal complaint.  Obama sent signals of weakness on his opening European apology tour and is now witnessing the international response to his foreign policy of being a passive progressive.

The world doesn’t respect weakness and Obama doesn’t, or refuses to, recognize that the weakness he displays fuels the winds of war.





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