Obama’s Political Correctness Has Run Amuck

Obama speaking on Ebola

Washington DC (Storch Report) — It is time for Americans to put an end to President Obama’s political correctness policies.

Americans are being beheaded by Islamic radicals in Iraq and Oklahoma, and Obama labels the latter ‘workplace violence’ as he did the Fort Hood massacre.

Military experts within Obama’s own administration say the Obama policies of an inappropriate military withdrawal from Iraq, without leaving troops behind, is not only the cause of the be-headings, but the reason ISIS has taken over control of Iraq for which he was provided Intel a year-ago.

The feeble airstrikes he has ordered are not doing the job, it is an impotent reaction to a failed policy and boots on the ground is the only answer, according to his advisers,  but Obama politically vows this will not happen.

If the Islamic radical terrorists are not a significant threat to Americans that has reached our shores on 9/11 and now threatens us with be-headings is not enough, we now have a significant threat of en epidemic Ebola virus in America because Obama has failed to shut down our borders and prevent travel to the US from West Africa, much in the same way he has failed to lock the front door of the White House.  We don’t have to shut down Liberia or Brussels, although it is advisable, they can walk across our border from Mexico and the president will redistribute the illegals to every state in our nation without taking their temperature.

Obama admitted he had no strategy for ISIS in Iraq.  He has no strategy for ISIS in the US and it is now obvious he has no strategy for Ebola in the US, now that he has let it in.

It’s not like we didn’t know about Ebola or ISIS years ago and could have done something about both.

The one patient that has reached our shores and has been identified with the Ebola virus is now in critical condition today in a Dallas hospital.  He initially presented himself to the hospital with a fever and said he was throwing-up and he said he traveled to the US from Liberia in West Africa via Brussels.  He eventually disclosed he was in contact with an Ebola patient who eventually died.  Somehow the hospital didn’t follow CDC protocol and inform the doctor of this fact and the patent was given antibiotics and sent home thus exposing himself to some 100 other persons to the potential of contracting Ebola.  All of these patients are now being followed.

Today a plane landed at Liberty Airport in Newark NJ via Brussels, but there were Liberians on the plane.  One was sick and throwing-up, now the CDC has another problem multiplied by the number of people on that plane they will need to follow as a result of this potential exposure.

Obama and the CDC is asking the nation to remain calm.  He first told us this virus would not reach our shores.  That was not true.  He is now telling us CDC can control this virus in the US.  However, the Dallas hospital sent the Ebola patient home violating CDC protocol. An American doctor a few week ago was ‘cured’ of Ebola and is now back in isolation with a persistent cough and fever. They tell us this is not an airborne virus and that you must come in contact with body fluids of the infected and it has an incubation period of 24 days.  These viruses have the ability to mutate and I don’t believe any science or scientist can prove that it has not or will not mutate to an airborne virus.

Now, if we are going to have confidence in the messages our government is delivering with respect to ISIS or Ebola, I only need to remind you that this administration hasn’t established credibility in such confidence: “You can keep your Doctor” and your “insurance carrier” under Obamacare and you couldn’t keep either.  And then when Obamacare was launched the Website failed to work and is still having problems, this, after spending some $2 Billion by some estimates on the website. You could buy the whole Internet for that price.  What is it going to cost to control Ebola if we follow Obama’s political correct policies?

It is time to change the control of the Senate; render Sen. Harry Reid helpless; maintain the present control of the House; pass laws to control our borders; limit executive privileges by the president, render him more impotent than he is; and take this action in November’s mid-term elections.

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