Obama’s Optics Fail To Grasp The Symbolic Powers Of The White House

OpticsWashington DC (Storch Report) — It was Woody Allen that said, “Ninety percent of life is showing up.”

President Obama, who doesn’t know when to show up or shut up, once said about the office he holds, “Part of this job is also the theater of it, it’s not something that always comes naturally to me,” he said “but it matters.”

Nevertheless he continues to play golf at the most inappropriate of times, consistently delivering the theater of the absurd of optics or non-optics including errors of commission and omission.

His priorities are not the people’s priorities, they are more often his ideologies.  In fact his absence of being present is more often an embarrassment to America equaling his acts of being present when apologizing for a country he allegedly governs.  So we really can’t win with this guy no matter where he selects to be or say.

There is golf, then fund raising followed by climate change that seems to be paramount on Obama’s agenda of priorities.

He thinks the media is exaggerating the threat of ISIS.  For his business analysis of news is that it’s based only upon ratings.

“If it bleeds its the lead,” he said in a recent TV interview and from his perspective he thinks ‘climate change’ is more of a threat than radical Islamic terrorism, which he refuses to recognize in words or acts because to him they all occur randomly, more like street crime in a city.  In fact the real threat he thinks is what the Christians did in the acts of the Crusades some 700 years ago.

I would like to see him sell climate change today to the people of Boston who are now digging out of 7 feet of snow, hurricane winds of 75 mph and temperatures of below zero, while he is fist bumping with his buddies on the golf course.  Meanwhile, the people of Copenhagen are dealing with an attack on free speech and with a synagogue where 2 were killed and 5 injured by a radical jihad Islamic terrorist.

Obama’s optics are as bad as his signature legislation Obamacare, a legacy, among other acts of executive orders and incompetency, in a failed presidency.

It is difficult to single out the worst of his optics, but they range from his going on a fund raiser for his re-election campaign after four embassy workers, including the Ambassador, were killed by Al Qaeda terrorists in Libya to the the playing of golf shortly after offering his condolences to the parents of an American journalist who was beheaded by ISIS in Iraq.

Then Obama stayed at home when more than 40 world leaders flew to Paris to demonstrate global solidarity with the French in the wake of a killing spree at a Paris magazine and a Jewish meat market by Islamic terrorists.

In fact those that surround the president in the White House have also failed to learn from previous misreading’s of his optics and find themselves defending his actions, or lack thereof.

There were many more of these incidents, demonstrating that Obama fails to grasp the symbolic powers of his office nor understands the “optics” of showing up, especially when he would rather be on a golf course.













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