Obama’s On The Wrong Page, Once Again

Air Strikes On Syria

Washington DC (Storch Report) — It is rather incomprehensible that the President of the United States can be on the wrong page so often with such a cadre of knowledgeable advisers at his disposal.

I guess it’s possible if you live in an ivory tower and there is no more of an ivory tower in the world than the White House.

And I guess if you surround yourself with the likes of you, then the resounding message coming back to you is what you just said.  It’s like looking into the mirror, seeing yourself or hearing a boomerang of message from your own lips.

When President Obama talks to Valarie Jarret the message coming back is what the president just said.  She looks like him and he looks like her to each of them.

Those that have departed from this administration apparently were not on the same page. Leon Panetta former Defense Secretary is a case in point and he has said Obama helped ISIS grow, ignoring advice he was given.

This was the case with Robert Gates former Secretary of Defense and General Petraeus and now it appears that it is also true with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is politically distancing herself from Obama.

None of those were on the same page with Obama.  I think in the future we will be surprised at the number of those that served in the Obama administration that were on the same page.

And now we are in a war against Iraq once again which has now morphed into Syria with an Arab collation.  No European allies.

President Obama has no authorization to take this action, but he is apparently not on any page with any other of his advisers, other than those agreeing with him, so he just moves ahead ignoring the constitution.

It seems to me that Obama should take it upon himself to lock the front door of the White House.




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