Obama’s Nakedly Partisan Politics


Dianne FeinsteinWashington DC (Storch Report) — Sen. Diane Feinsten’s nakedly partisan hatchet job on the CIA’s torture treatment of terrorists following the 9/11 terrorist attack on the United States taking some 3,000 lives, the worst attack on our homeland since Pearl Harbor, is probably the most tragic abomination of hypocrisy, perspective of history and political opportunism, backed by Obama, in recent times.

I might remind those that were not around on December 7, 1941, an event that took place 73 years ago, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor putting this nation into World War II, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a liberal, only 75 days later interned 120,000 Japanese in camps, many of which were Americans. 

In retrospect, he was severely criticized for his actions by politicians of later times.

It is the responsibility of the Commander in Chief to protect Americans under the Constitution, but in retrospect history allows one to debate the decisions and morality.  That is what takes place in a democracy, whether politically motivated or not.

It’s the Monday morning quarterback syndrome.

FDR took the action to inter the Japanese who he saw as a potential threat; President George W. Bush took the action he did after 9/11 to protect a nation.  They both did what they had to do in different times to fulfill their oath of office.

While the Obama administration thinks it is taking the high road of morality with hindsight, they are currently taking out terrorists at a barbeque, along with collateral innocent victims, with no gain of information.

The alleged torture victims survived under Bush and provided information that was of value while they die under Obama with no gain to our nation.

What is the difference between this debate of humanity and morality that Obama raises?  Simply put, they die under the Obama policy, killing the terrorist and innocents surrounding him;  and they survived under Bush and provided us with information that led us through a courier to kill bin Laden, which the president has taken credit for to the degree he encouraged and supported a movie produced about his heroism in making the decision to order the Navy Seals to do the job.

The phony-ism behind the release of this 6,000 page document, written by the Democrats, of which only 400 pages are available for the public to see at an outrageous cost of $40 M to the nation’s taxpayers, is symbolic of the Obama administration: A community organizer governing by partisan politics. 







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