Obama’s Latest Rule: Reorganizing The Place You Live

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during a media conference at the conclusion of the G-7 summit at Schloss Elmau hotel near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, southern Germany, Monday, June 8, 2015. The two-day summit  addressed such issues as climate change, poverty and the fight against terrorism. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)Washington DC (Storch Report) — Obama is the consummate community organizer, one who holds the title of President, but is a passive-progressive who leads from behind, and wants to reorganize the communities in which American’s live by Federal edict to make them more inclusive.

It would take place by Obama Rule, a rather Fascist thought, an outright assault on all communities in America by dictating to them to provide affordable housing to families of color, and if the communities didn’t comply, Federal funds would dry-up to the cities in which they live.

This progressive Federal Fascist decree is allegedly to develop diverse communities with better educational and working conditions for minorities, by injecting them into communities in which they didn’t earn the right to live on the basis of their economics.  Therefore Obama believes there should not be unequal communities.

This means they didn’t have the wherewithal to qualify to get the jobs, and earn the money to live in these communities.  It also means that the leadership in America didn’t provide the economic environment in order to provide this opportunity, a direct reflection today on the Obama administration.  The system failed these people, not the communities who have been alleged to keep them out.   And so if they can’t be there because they earned it, Obama, as the community organizer he is, will dictate their right to be there by executive order.

Only an Alinsky trained community organizer would conceive a doctrine that would reorganize communities by Federal doctrine to change the social environment of a community for political objectives. It goes hand and hand with Obama’s concept of wealth redistribution.

It also would, by political design, change the demographics of electoral voting patterns to favor liberal Democrats.

We need not go back too far to research racial history in the United States to see that great cities have been destroyed by blacks in riots — yes blacks — in Newark, Detroit, Watts, Baltimore and Philadelphia, to name a few.  Yes we can debate the cause and effect and whether in our history social wrongs were committed.  We know social wrongs did occur and there has been an attempt to correct these wrongs.

But we can’t correct them in America via Obama’s Fascist doctrines.

This is not America as our founders envisioned, it is not the United States of America as it was conceived under the Constitution.

But it is what Obama envisions, despite the fact that he took an oath to uphold, something other than what he perceives, dictates by executive order and wants it to be under the Alinsky thesis. 

It is but another handout, bailout and payback to a liberal strategy to buying black and illegal immigration votes promising them a free ride on the Federal dole.

If this is what Obama meant by Hope and Change when he was running for the office he holds, he sure mislead a Nation.  And this should come as no surprise after observing his performance.

At no time in our history has a President injected such racial divisiveness in our country.

At no time in our country has a President injected such political correctness in our society, so much so that comics can’t deliver an ethnic joke when the audience doesn’t laugh because it is no longer politically correct or socially acceptable.

We have become such a thin-skinned Obamacare nation that the current generation would now find it hard to believe, unless they were historically knowledgeable, that the United States helped to save the world 70 years ago by defeating the Fascism of Nazi Germany and the Imperialism of Japan.









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3 Responses to Obama’s Latest Rule: Reorganizing The Place You Live

  1. norman says:

    I have to admit I haven’t looked at the Obama proposal on housing. I believe this is the same as was first proposed a couple of years ago. The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing proposal. If it’s the same it does focus on affordable housing and also steps to upgrade poorer areas with better schools, parks, libraries, etc. Where you’re predictably in error is that you say that affordable housing will be provided to “people of color.” How about caucasians?
    When you mention the founders and our constitution you understand you’re talking about slave owners, don’t you? No, it’s not the America they envisioned. They were true patriots and were willing to risk their lives for freedom from tyranny. It’s interesting to think that if they had any inkling that what they considered, in their day, a piece of property would become the President of the United States, on a par with George Washington, would they have revolted from England. Of course they would have, but they might not have kept secret their black offsprings.
    Then of course you have to throw in the obligatory Alinsky, community organizer, fascist and Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. How about the War of 1812, the Black Hawk War The Spanish American War and so many more. Just one final comment; affordable housing is not “the projects”.

  2. Don Storch says:

    As usual you cherry pick what you wish to discuss.Obama’s premise begins with color and of course moves to other minorities for that is where the votes are for the Dems. I defended blacks as well as other minorities in my day when I saw injustices being committed, and I saw more than I care to discuss during my days playing baseball in the South. I ate in many a kitchen with blacks when they weren’t allowed in the restaurant with whites. Believe me, I don’t consider that gesture anything special, but I lived those days with teammates.I know the history, but that history does not justify Obama’s actions to try and reorganize cities as a community organizer rather than a president to right a wrong of yesterday today with a devious motive of gaining votes for progressives while fostering a concept of wealth redistribution. He not only wants to take this agenda to the grass roots of America, but he wants to impose his agenda to denigrate and degrade the Military and project this concept globally. He was an ‘adjunct’ professor of constitutional law who as president did his best to circumvent the constitution that he took an oath to uphold. His attempt to reorganize cities in the manner in the way in which it has been described, by rules and executive order, does not represent the way in which this Democracy was founded.

  3. norman says:

    Good points. If you do more of dealing with issues and present your opinions instead of the consistent senseless extreme right wing vitriol you could encourage some meaningful dialogue. I don’t think that would take away from your satisfaction in doing what you do. I’m only saying.
    We may differ on politics but we share similar experiences in playing on teams in the south during segregation.

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