Obama’s Last Tango In Buenos Aires


Obama doing the tango

Buenos Aires (Storch Report) — President Obama played golf following the beheading of an American journalist by Islamic terrorists while on vacation; stonewalled attending a world leaders walk of solidarity in Paris after ISIS terrorists slaughtered 128 persons; went to a baseball game in Cuba, executing the wave after 34 people were killed and 270 were injured in the Brussels bombings by ISIS and followed this up with a badly performed last tango in Buenos Aires while Brussels was burning.

Former President George W. Bush quit golf to fight the war on terror, Obama quit the war on Islamic terror to play golf.

The optics of this ‘so-called’ world leader is appalling, rebuffed by global leaders, pundits, and many others with the common sense of compassion, all to prove that ISIS might disrupt others lives, but they are not going to mess with his. 

The absence of leadership was globally criticized, but compounded by Obama flaunting his behavior of frivolity in each of these incidents lacking compassion and resolve to defeat Islamic terrorism. 

The last tango in Buenos Aires is likely to be Obama’s final legacy before segueing to his next role of buffoonery in a lackluster career . . .  a tryout with Dancing with the Stars.

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2 Responses to Obama’s Last Tango In Buenos Aires

  1. norman says:

    Let me say that the optics you mention could have been handled in a more thoughtful way. Obama should have shown more sensitivity. Two points about this: one is that overseas these were not more than supplemental news items, if that. United States leadership in no way was impacted. Obama was not rebuffed by world leaders. They have more important domestic things to be concerned about. The other point is that no matter what Obama did or didn’t do in Cuba or Buenos Aires he would have been equally criticized.
    The optics that world leaders along with the populations of most of the world are appalled by are the constant buffooneries of the republican presidential candidates. The well earned respect and admiration toward this country is being reduced to a carnival freak show.
    The world is well aware that republican candidates for the highest office in the land and a potential leader of the free world are debating serious issues such as who has the bigger penis and whose wife is naked and whose wife is uglier.
    Why not do some caricatures with that material?

  2. Don Storch says:

    Couldn’t disagree more. Obama’s optics from the day he took office were appalling surrounded by many of these events: His apology tour for America on his European tour; his failure to recognize an enemy and capitulate to same; military withdrawals from the Mideast; his fast and furious debacle; immigration policies; his IRS game fiasco; a catalyst for racism in the US; the cover-up of Benghazi; playing golf when Americans are beheaded; the Iran deal; and stonewalling knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s private emails and private server, all taking place from year one and culminating in year 8 with the last tango in Brazil. And throughout all of this you haven’t heard negative comments from our allies in Europe? Even Rip Van Winkle didn’t sleep that long!

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