Obama’s Disingenuous Executive Orders Growing By Memos

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Washington DC (Storch Report) — Emperor Obama has been known to play games with numbers, example Obamacare, now we are seeing it with executive orders and memos, which are one and the same.

Obama would like Americans to believe there is a difference between an executive order and a signed memo by the president issuing orders within the administration.  There is no difference and as you can see by the above graph Obama far exceeds his use of the executive order more than any president going back to the days of Harry Truman.

And that is why America now has an Emperor rather than a president.

His decision to govern by executive order was a rather disingenuous, deceitful move by the president, but that appears to be his style.  He believes it’s all about politics and that’s the way he governs.

Americans, a bit slow on the draw, are beginning to see where this Emperor is trying to take a nation with mendacity, trickery and with the intent of disassembling a democracy by a liberal, progressive philosophy, to take down a nation of power and redistribute wealth and military might globally.

His latest move announced yesterday was to normalize Cuban relations, under the agreement he announced by executive order/memo yesterday resulted in little gain for the US, except for some prisoner exchanges which I don’t take light of, in relation to the principles of democracy.

It fuels Communism by opening up trade and travel to Cuba and it infuses the Castro fortunes with the Yankee dollar, but does little for the Cuban people, who earn about $20 per month.

Obama’s use of the executive order/memo is deceitful at best.

Obama was allegedly a constitutional lawyer, that somehow seems to despise the constitution and studied it to disassemble it.

Perhaps he followed this academic course to find ways to bypass the constitution’s intent, knowing that his political agenda is to divide rather than unite.

As I have been saying since the inception of the Obama administration, he is following the playbook of Saul Alinisky in his manifesto of ‘Rules for Radicals.’

There is one saving grace to Obama’s executive order on Cuba, the embargo placed on Cuba was a law passed by Congress and it cannot be rescinded by executive order.

It is now up to a GOP controlled congress to stand its ground on Obama’s blundering move political-driven executive order.



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2 Responses to Obama’s Disingenuous Executive Orders Growing By Memos

  1. norman says:

    Would you call Harry Truman an Imperial President? Why are you so disingenuous as to distort facts? You show a graph that illustrates presidential memorandum while completely eliminating executive orders. To show either your complete confusion or deviousness you describe the graph of memorandums as executive orders. Truman issued more executive orders and memorandums than Obama. Truman was constrained by a “do nothing congress.” Obama is constrained by a do nothing, dysfunctional, spiteful congress. What president having to deal with this congress would do differently? Doing nothing isn’t my idea of a leader.
    I won’t comment on your usual senseless rants, but just a brief discussion on Cuba. Cuba has caused problems on the continent especially while being a patron of the Soviet Union. Russia and Venezuela can no longer finance Cuba. This presents an opportunity for the United States to establish trade and investment opportunities that would greatly benefit the U.S. but just as important would benefit the good people of Cuba, I understand the emotions of those Cubans that lost property and occupations when Castro came to power, But the new generations of Cubans want the old policies to change. The Castro brothers are old men. This is a first step in preparing Cuba for a country free of the Castro ideology and for a different kind of leadership that would welcome the U.S. as a friend and a presence.
    Communism is an artifact of a bygone time. McCarthy drank himself to death a long time ago. No House Un-American Activities Committee, no blacklists. If we can establish trade relations and diplomatic relations with countries like Vietnam, Germany and Japan, what’s the problem with a country 90 miles from our coast? We can also include repressive governments like Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and others who enjoy trade and diplomatic relations. As an alleged journalist you should know better.
    You deal too lightly with the prisoner exchange issue.
    Alinsky was never relevant even when he was alive. But I’m sure that the country is grateful for your warnings.
    As far as his “manifesto” is concerned it is arguable that you are a disciple of Alinsky’s.
    “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.”

  2. Don Storch says:

    As I clearly pointed out in the column, from a legal perspective, not my analysis, an executive order and a memo signed by the president is one and the same. Therefore, as I once again said, Obama signed more executive orders than any other president SINCE Harry Truman. O just tries to use different nomenclature for the purpose of confusing the public. It probably is an Alinsky tactic. And as far your final comment, well there is an old saying not to get into a pxxxxxx contest with a skunk. And I guess, if you do one tends to use the same tactics. This same analogy applies to getting into a wrestling match in the mud with a pig — the pig loves it.

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