Obama’s Dancing In The Dark With Islam

U.S. President Obama addresses the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism in WashingtonWashington DC (Storch Report) — Between President Hussein Obama’s ideology and that of radical Islamic terrorists, Americans are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to their safety.

Don’t count on Obama to keep you safe from the terrors of the world, not with the esoteric, liberal, philosophical policies and rhetoric of a left wing college professor and community organizer who wants to use social reform to fight an ideology of Islam who beheads and burns alive infidels, much like the Nazi’s did during the Holocaust. 

He is a president who refuses to identify the enemy, and in turn fight them with bullets, but wants to reform their ideology with the promise of economics and jobs.

He can’t even get jobs for Americans, but is ready to promise global Islamic communities with jobs in turn for not joining ISIS.

This was his summary at the end of a three day forum on “violent extremism,” a Summit, which many conclude, was without substance.

Well, empty rhetoric without action does not result in substance, an epitaph of the Obama administration.

Obama wants to boost economies thus making impoverished communities less susceptible to terror recruiters  — echoing a comment from a State Department spokesperson this week that jobs-creation programs could be an effective counter-terrorism tool, the nuance of which no one seemed to grasp and had to be explained over and over again.

Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York,  doesn’t think Obama “loves America.”  I agree with him, Obama spends more time criticizing America than loving it, but that is based on his own ideology for redistributing wealth and power globally. 

Obama was a dangerous person to elect to lead the free world and proves it day by day.

Obama on the issue of the current crisis with ISIS has proven to be a religious and historic illiterate.

America will continue to be an exceptional country, but Obama has set it back significantly in the past six years, I just hope he doesn’t have an exceptional finality to his last two years that will set us back further.

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PS: I talk about this president in a book of satire, “If a passive-progressive leads from behind, he is a double oxymoron,” now available on Amazon.com.







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