Obama Wants To Take Nation Back To 19th Century And Regulate Internet As Public Utility

Obama in ChinaWashington DC (Storch Report) — While looking like a prisoner in China as his hosts hack the US Postal Service, President Obama announces before he leaves he wants to take America back to the 19th century urging the Federal Communications Commission to regulate broadband networks because his administration has done so well with regulating Obamacare, the IRS and the Veterans Administration.  Can this president get anything right, now trying to inject big liberal government into the Internet with a bungling bureaucracy?

He got shellacked once again in the landslide mid-term elections, although he said this time around ‘the Republicans had a good night,’ but got it all wrong by trying to spin the loss saying it was poor messaging, not policies.  Does he ever see things the way they are rather than the way in which he wishes them to be?

He now wants to take the Internet back to a period of time under a regulatory regime designed for the copper-wire telephone networks of an earlier age and impose “net neutrality” regulations.

The Internet is working fine, get your liberal paws off of it, you and your operatives know nothing about it other than trying to control everything you see by destroying what is in your path.

If you do think you and your operatives know so much about the Internet, how come your Obamacare website is still operating poorly while telling us once again it is doing so well — another “You can keep your doctor” message?

The Heartland Institute, a free market think tank issued the following statement by S.T Karnick, Director of Research: ” The president is calling for the FCC to micromanage the data distribution procedures of ISP’s, even though consumers are much happier with their Internet service than they are with, say, Obamacare, the IRS, the border crisis, the TSA’s airport security measures, the administrations’ handling of the Ebola threat, and other examples of government’s unparalleled ability to mismanage everything it touches.  If the president has his way, soon we’ll have to add the Internet to the list of things the government has ruined in just the past few years.”

And so there he appears in what looks like a North Korea prisoner’s outfit to appease China, an ally who behaves more like an enemy, who calls Obama a weak president — but one that holds America’s debt.




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