Obama Walks The Line On Downed Plane; Refuses To Tag Putin

Putin's Brown Shirts

Washington DC (Storch Report) — President Obama picked up where Johnny Cash left off, ‘Walking the Line’ and refusing to nail Russian President Vladimir Putin for his role in escalating a war in the Ukraine from which the missile was shot by Putin’s Brown Shirts, and most likely Russian expertise, that downed flight MH 17 killing 298 innocent civilians.

It once again turned out to be dual messaging from this administration with Obama delivering a cautious response, while earlier in the day US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, was highly critical of Putin and made a direct connection to the firing of the Russian developed SA 11 missile, noting that it couldn’t have been fired by the separatists without Russian expertise.

It has been reported that it takes two years of training for the crew to learn how to fire these missiles and that the Russian supported separatists do not have this expertise.

Obama continued to say from the White House press briefing room that he didn’t want to get ahead of the evidence in what he called a tragedy of ‘outrageous proportions.’

But there are facts at hand that are unequivocal and that is Putin’s direct involvement in the invasion of Crimea and the Ukraine and supporting the cause of Russian separatists with advisers and military arms.

Obama said he did not see a US military role in the region and did not raise reinstating the proposal of a missile shield in the region, which Putin opposes.  He said there was one American on the plane.

When the US Ambassador to the UN’s statement is stronger than the president’s Obama once again is perceived globally as being weak, and rightly so.


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3 Responses to Obama Walks The Line On Downed Plane; Refuses To Tag Putin

  1. norman says:

    Where do you think the statements of our UN Ambassador come from? Globally that’s understood.

  2. DonStorch says:

    Your second sentence is wishful thinking. Dual mixed messaging is very seldom effective under any circumstance. Historically, Russia has only understood forceful rhetoric followed by action. This president has drawn a line in the sand several times and never followed up with meaningful action. He is perceived as being weak by our allies and enemies. He is weak, but I believe it is by Alinsky design.

  3. gml says:

    Having restraint is not a sign of weakness. Not gathering the forensic evidence is lunacy. Yes, there is indead a suspect here but until
    there is credible evidence how can anyone get an indictment let alone a conviction? It took how long for the international community to get the real goods on Assad? Our missiles were armed and loaded and there was not a soul in Damascus that thought we were bluffing.
    In Putin’s case like Assad’s the international community has to make the call. The EU (many of them did not want to call Assad out and may not want to call Putin out) the UN (Russia and China are on the security counsel) NATO and the US Congress. Obamma and the US only play a role here. The international community want our support not our aggression.
    If the EU calls Putin out they will need amd get our support.
    The 298 people, good men women and 80 children are already gone. We should take our time to find justice for them. We know where
    Putin is. And to quote my father “if you give someone enough rope they will simply hang themselves with it”.

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