Obama To Honor A Muslim Kid Who Builds A Clock, Looks Like A Bomb, And Might Be A Hoax


Clock that looked like a bomb

Washington DC (Storch Report) — In case, you didn’t know we don’t have a Department of Common Sense in the United States, perhaps because we put that trust misguidedly in the office of the person who occupies the White house.

This, of course, has proven to be a blunder of significant racial proportion.

In the past two terms of the Obama administration, which is thankfully winding down, especially for the middle class which is earning 6.5% less than they were before he occupied the office, that is if they have a job, we have also witnessed a series of a lack of common sense events with respect to racial invectives — which could be interrupted as  a conscious intent to incite racism.

If you recall, it began with the president making an issue over the black Harvard professor that had a run-in with the police of Massachusetts resulting in an apologetic beer Summit at the White House; then there was the black Trayvon Martin case in Florida, who Obama immediately said could have been his son, before the knowledge of any facts, was killed and the accused was exonerated in a trial; then there was Ferguson and another white cop black person death in which he jumped into the fray with little knowledge and again was wrong, and proven to be so, by his own Justice Department; and then the fiasco of the Baltimore riots and an alleged wrongful death of a black in the hands of the police in which he injected his racial bias which is still in judicial deliberation.

And now he will honor a Muslim kid by inviting him to the White House for building a bomb-looking clock, again making a snap judgment, to complement him for perpetrating what now looks like an alleged hoax on a school system and a nation. 

Once again, a rush to judgment fails the president’s common sense.

It now turns out that the Muslim kid — keeping  in mind a number of Muslim kids in the Middle East are terrorists killing people with bombs in behalf of ISIS — may very well have perpetrated a hoax on his own school and the President of the United States.  Is it any wonder the school and the police did the right thing when they saw what didn’t look like a clock?

Scientists are now reporting that the inner workings of the child’s bomb-looking device are identical to a clock that was sold by Radio Shack several years ago.

Today you can’t say bomb on a plane, should you be able to build an inner working bomb-looking device as a kid, bring it to school, have no one react, and call it a clock?

I don’t think so.

Each of the cases cited appear to be a rush to judgment by President Obama with a racial motive and the intent to influence the outcome of significant judicial cases before the facts were even known.







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