Obama The Transformer

EPA USA OBAMA  CLEVELAND POL GOVERNMENT USA OHWashington DC (Storch Report) — President Barack Hussein Obama tells you what to eat, what to say, the doctor you can have and now wants to force you to vote.

If he had his way under the Saul Alinsky doctrine he would take away all freedom of choice, transform the constitution into a dictatorship and wipe out all evidence of our forefathers forethought when they created the constitution from which our democracy was born.   And, he would like to apologize for it and wipe any evidence of its existence from our history books.

He is the be-all Messiah from another land with a doctrine from another society. For he truly believes that he, and only he, has all the answers, can make your choices for you and they will be right, which relieves a lot of stress from your daily life and will be healthier for you.

After all, isn’t that what he has already done with Obamacare and redistribution of wealth?

Fact: Your household value and income is worth less today and there are fewer jobs for you to choose from at a livable wage, than you had before Obama was elected President.

And Obama is proud of this accomplishment, and those of you who put him in office should be apologizing to the rest of us who didn’t vote for him for your poor judgment, two times around.

He tipped his hand before he was even elected to the office he holds in his curbside chat with ‘Joe the Plumber,’ but apparently the majority of the electorate wasn’t listening.  Another danger of mandatory voting.

Yes, that transformation was launched in the gutter, and we haven’t gotten out of it since.

Now he wants to force every American to vote or be fined for not doing so.  It doesn’t make any difference to him whether you’re an illegal alien (a PC incorrect statement according to O), can’t read or write English, not knowledgeable to understand what you’re voting for or against, nor is he concerned that he is taking away your freedom of choice.

“If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country,” Obama said, calling it “potentially transformative,” 

That it would be, allowing more left-wing passive progressives to lead from behind and pick up where Obama leaves off after completing his two terms of a failed presidency.

You see, Obama still doesn’t believe he in fact lost the 2014 mid-term elections because less than 37 percent of eligible voters cast ballots.  He doesn’t believe that the sweep of Congress was a mandate against his policies.  According to the Pew Research Center study it found that those avoiding the polls in 2014 tended to be younger, poorer, less educated more racially diverse, and perhaps illegal.

Obama would like to have those less knowledgeable votes by requiring them to vote by law and amending the Constitution, thinking like a Community Organizer, that he can sway the votes to a left wing liberal party if there was mandatory voting.

Obama said he thought it would be “fun” for the US to consider amending the Constitution, though even he believes it would be unlikely.  His thought process, however, is revealing and not one conducive to a Democracy nor one that abides by the Constitution.

Obama’s domestic and foreign policies have been disasters and will require unscrambling by another administration when he is finished with his self-imposed mandate of destruction.

If Obama had the right to once tour Europe and apologize for America’s past, which I was a part of, I would like to exercise my right, while I still can, to apologize to our foreign allies for Obama’s lack of foreign policy leadership and behavior; and especially so, to Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel for Obama’s arrogance and lack of graciousness. 

Congratulations to you Bibi Netanyahu on your reelection as Prime Minister of Israel on behalf of the American people.



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