Obama, The Progressive Lead From Behind Double Oxymoron Liberal President, Will Make A Legacy World Tour


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Washington DC (Storch Report) — It is interesting how I worked in most of the words from the title of my book of satire on Obama into the headline of this column, I assure you it didn’t happen by accident — “If A Passive-Progressive Leads From Behind, He Is A Double Oxymoron.

You might remember President Obama made a world apology tour for America during his first year in office, could it now be he is going to make a world tour 8 years later to apologize for his failed presidency?

Don’t count on it!

It is more likely he taking a victory lap, of the fantasy world he vision’s he has been governing trying to lock in his presidential legacy among historians rather than apologizing for himself.  He is better at self-promotion than apologizing for others.

The announcement came yesterday for his world tour while Obama was wrapping up his holiday vacation in Hawaii at the cost of approximately a half-million dollars a day.

The messages Obama will deliver on this boondoggle tour will have little to do with his leading from behind strategy of foreign policy nor the global threat and high priority to defeat Islamic terrorism by ISIS, but more to do with the world’s low perception of priority of climate change.

However, at a costly price to US citizens and a swan song of a tour for Obama, it will bring closure, in reality, to a failed presidency, at a time when Obama’s unfavorable ratings are at an all-time low.

And, as a result, Air Force One may not have enough mileage on it for the next president.  A new plane for the next president?  No, that will not be necessary if his successor is Donald Trump, he has his own plane.

Obama’s planned tour is so extensive it is easier to tell you the continents that he will not visit rather than those he will visit, and they are Australia and Antartica.

It is interesting to note that he will be visiting Cuba, a communist nation 90 miles off the shores of the United States to which he granted diplomatic relations and is opening the US economy to a country he gave everything and in return got nothing, much like the deal he negotiated with Iran to give them nuclear weapons.

It is sad to close the year with this news and to open the new year with Obama’s victory lap of failure for participation, but I guess that is politically correct in this culture where no one is a winner.

PS: If you want to read my book of satire on Obama which led up to all of this, “If a Passive-Progressive Leads from Behind, he is a Double Oxymoron,” it is still available on Amazon  just click here.






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