Obama The President Who Praises Himself For His Failures

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE of book coverManasota Key Fl (Storch Report) While I believe the cover of my recently released book captures the past 6 years of the Obama administration we are now segueing from 2014 into 2015 and we find O once again on vacation in Hawaii bonding on the links with his pals from prep school, but ending the year with the fantasy of perceived hail-Mary legacies reaching out to Iran, Cuba and Russia with olive branch deals and getting nothing in return.

His radical promises of transformation on the national and global stage have failed, he can’t even strike a deal with our neighbor Cuba, 90 miles off our shores, which is no threat to the US, without coming away with some concessions from the despotic Castro Cuban regime.  Today they made an in-his-face move by arresting 12 dissidents and threw them in jail, while Obama wants to open trade, tourism and diplomatic relations and remove sanctions with a non-cooperative communist government.

He also ended the year by suggesting that if nuke agreements go well with Iran he would be open to diplomatic relations and an Embassy in that country.  It was also reported that he has reached back into President Richard Nixon’s administration encourging Henry Kissinger to smooth a path to President Putin and put a Band-Aid on wounds he opened up with Russia.  How about Israel?

While the President suggested before he left for vacation, that the Sony Corporation made a mistake in pulling the film “Interview” because of the hacking of computers and threats by North Korea, according to the FBI and the State Department, it is now being revealed, after Sony released the film to some theaters and the internet, that the hacking may have been an inside Sony job.  FBI and State denies this.

Could it have been a PR scam by Sony to get more sales from a film that was being panned at the outset after subsequently releasing it to a wider audience than it would have received?  Beware of what you believe.

It unfortunately took Americans six years to figure out this president who in one year has accumulated more scandals than most presidents can endure in eight years.

They embraced a popular president, electing him to office in 2008 and giving his party control of the Congress. 

But he Gruberized the nation with the architect of his grand plan, his signature bill Obamacare, by lying, promising transparency, but giving false promises and counting on America’s lack of economic prowess to ram through a bad bill, which now we know no one read, through-out the House and the Senate.

In 2014 the American people returned the Congress to the Republicans by an overwhelming majority, a bit slow, but justice may be back on the right track.

The Emperor is now Naked, left with his executive orders and veto powers, unless the Republican controlled Congress overrides it with the power of 67 votes.

And so as we phase out of 2014 and into the New Year it will be necessary for the leadership of the Republican Party to give each member of Congress a cardioversion (a severe shock to the heart) and hope it transcends to the Democrats to deal with a defiant president who is bent on continuing to praise himself with rhetoric for his failures.





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