Obama Sounded More Like A Preacher Than A President In His Comments About The Isis Massacre In Orlando Fl


flag at half staff at white house

Orlando Fl (Storch Report) — Speaking hours after a massacre Islamic terrorist shooting in Orlando where 50 are dead and another 53 are fighting for their lives, President Obama sounded more like a preacher than a president saying, the FBI would investigate the shooting as terrorism but that the alleged shooter’s motivations were unclear.

He said the US, “must spare no effort” to determine whether the suspect identified by authorities as Omar Mateen, had any ties to extremist groups.

Obama made no reference to “Islam, Isis and their claim that this was their act of terror, or radical Islamic terrorism,” as it was well known Mateen was spraying bullets in the killing fields of a gay bar in Orlando yelling, “Allah Akbar,” and the president now wants to investigate ‘motivation.’

No, Obama stayed true to his political correctness, refusing to acknowledge the facts as he has during his entire time in office, not recognizing we are at war and  refusing to identify the radical Islamic enemy.

He refuses to declare war against the enemy, but takes advantage of any shooting incident to offer condolences to the victims and then implore the nation to finally get serious about stemming gun violence.

It was but another pathetic performance and a policy of fighting the last battle with terrorists rather than getting ahead of ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism.

To know the enemy is to identify the enemy.

It is not enough to identify such an event as domestic radical Islamic terrorism as though this was not as lethal.  In fact it is worse, they are creating domestic infidels on the soil that Obama should be defending, but fails to do so.

This president has not, is not, living up to his pledge and fulfilling his first priority, defending citizens of the United States of America.

We know what the enemy’s motivation is, it’s very clear and identifiable, perhaps we should be investigating Obama’s motivation to defend Islamic radical terrorism?   


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