Obama Should Receive 3 AM Wake-Up Call


Obama reaction to Paris attacksWashington DC (Storch Report) — It is time for President Obama to get a 3 AM wake-up call from citizens of the United States to get his ass out of bed, recognize and understand the meaning of Islam terrorism, uphold the oath of office he took to protect Americans on two occasions and declare war against ISIS on their soil before they bring the war to the United States once again.

Obama’s passive leading from behind philosophy represents the weakness of his progressive liberal policies.  His diplomacy sucks as has been demonstrated by his withdrawal of our military from Iraq, Afghanistan and the deal he made to give the bomb to Iran.

He is perceived globally to be a symbol of weakness, which is demonstrated by the lack of force and power of the so-called coalitions he forms.

Obama’s response to the attacks in Paris was once again as weak as all of his previous comments about Islam and ISIS, which he refuses to recognize.  He said about the attacks, “This is an attack on all of humanity.”

For God’s sake — not to make a pun — even the Vatican’s statement was stronger.  The Vatican said, “This is an attack on peace for all humanity, and it requires a decisive supportive response on the part of all of us as we counter the spread the homicidal hatred in all of its forms.”

Where is Obama’s call to action?  He has none, he has no strategy and he is as weak as his global perception. His comment looks more like a passive pause to fade into his posh pension and 401 K

Yes, it’s time to give Obama that 3 AM wake-up call, get his ass out of bed and the sandman out of his eyes.  




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  1. Barbara Allen Meyer says:

    Barack or Hillary answering that 3 a.m. phone call??? Same difference….They’ll both just turn over and pick up their sheep count.

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