Obama Should Give His Nobel Peace Prize To Putin

Putin Pointing

Secretary of State John Kerry, the joker, rhetorically, his flacks said, drew a second ‘red line’ saying that if Bashar Assad turned over his chemical weapons to an international community the US might not make a ‘limited’ strike of war.

Kerry jokes about it and Russian President, Vladimir Putin looks like he is about to make it happen.

Russia and Syria have always had a good working relationship and is it possible that Putin and Assad were playing a chess game unrecognizable by the US and just pulled off a checkmate?

Syria has indicated that it would be amenable to such a deal and Obama appears to be looking for a lifeline to get out of the box he painted himself into.  He would rather accept diplomacy to another war that the congress nor the people are supporting. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has already called off a vote and it is likely that one will not take place in congress. 

There is little trust in the West of Putin or Assad and whether such a deal could actually be pulled off is a subject for debate.

Obama lacks the support globally, and domestically for his so called ‘limited’ war and this Putin reprieve buys Obama time, perhaps more time than anyone can imagine for if the international community gets involved the issue may not be resolved in Obama’s second term.  Now all the spin boys in the White House have to work out is how to limit Obama’s global ‘red line’ embarrassment, which has already taken place.

I would suggest Obama give Putin his Nobel Peace Prize.


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