Obama Says Racism In America Is ‘A Slow Rolling Crisis’ But Does Nothing But Fuel It

SonyaWashington (Storch Report) — Today President Obama delivered a 14 minute sweeping criticism to Americans denigrating rioters, the media, the police and society — everyone but himself.

But what is this half-black, half-white president doing to resolve the issue?  The answer is nothing, but fueling the issue with racial rhetoric.

Where is his request and plan to congress to invest in the issue?  There hasn’t been one attempt by this president to address the racial issue with meaningful legislative reform programs other than to fuel the issue by exacerbating the flare-up of protests.

And as each of these racial problems surface in our cities, he criticizes every element of our society, but himself — the so-called leader of this nation.

What is the common thread in racial issues that Obama got in front of as they occurred?  In Massachusetts with the Harvard professor, in Florida with Trayvon Martin and in Ferguson St. Louis — a rush to judgment with rhetoric without the facts.  He was wrong on each of these issues and fueled racism, but more importantly did nothing constructively to address it.

These are the actions of a community organizer with the intent to inflame, not a President looking for solutions to reform and resolve.  If this is not the case, why has there not been an Obama program to address this social issue with a bi-partisan legislative program, after all isn’t he a social progressive?

He talks about a Federal educational program to address what he sees as a problem with the police, a cultural reform and body cameras.  He says the police need to do some soul searching as does a nation.  How about you Mr. President to do some soul searching?

The recent eruption of violence in Baltimore, allegedly over the death of Freddie Martin while in police custody, is but another example of Obama’s rush to judgment without the facts in hand, but critical of the overall issue placing blame, once again without the facts, and rushing to judgment without a solution.

A black female Mayor of Baltimore, a Democrat, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake seemingly took a page from the Obama community organizing book of inflaming issues, by stating that her strategy was to give protestors ‘space to destroy,’  and destroy is what she got in her city.

It is a fact that 85 % of the arrests in Baltimore are blacks for all forms of criminal charges, a disproportional ratio to the rest of the community. However, we didn’t hear from the President the responsibility of this community to reform itself and live within the laws of the land.  Nor, did we hear of a proposed Federal program from the president for cultural reform among blacks in those inner cities, of which his home town Chicago is the worst.

The most refreshing incident of the first night of riots in Baltimore came from a black single mom of 6, representative of many a family in this community, who spotted her son in a mask hurling rocks at the police.

She charged at her 16-year-old son, grabbed him and smacked him across the face several times.  He ran from her, but she caught up with him and continued to hit him with an open hand.  The incident was caught on camera and went viral.

This Mr. President is, perhaps  a protocol for a social cultural program, caught on video for you to view.  Not necessarily the slapping, but the parental control of the family because the mother, if not the father, cares.

The mother who was reprimanding her son appropriately was, Toya Graham, delivering a teachable moment, a moment President Obama you might take the time to absorb.  It is a simple solution of parenting — caring.  Some, are looking at this parental behavior by Toya as an example of someone who should be nominated, ‘Mother of the Year.’  Her son should be proud of Mom.





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4 Responses to Obama Says Racism In America Is ‘A Slow Rolling Crisis’ But Does Nothing But Fuel It

  1. norman says:

    Republicans control congress. Bills originate in congress. What legislation dealing with racial solutions have come to the presidents’ desk? Obama recommended spending for infrastructure projects, which the country sorely needs and which would provide much needed employment in depressed neighborhoods. If Obama wants it you know the republicans will deny it. Spending on community colleges is another measure which would have benefits.
    Riots in this country have existed about as long as the country has existed. The long list is available on line. Check it out.

  2. Don Storch says:

    Did you conveniently forget that when Obama entered the White House he had a Democratically controlled Congress?

    Where was he then with these programs to address and resolve what he calls a ‘slow rolling crisis’ of racism?

    He then had every opportunity to ram through any legislation he wanted as he did with Obamacare.

    Now you address today, but let us not forget he, yes he, with his failed polices, first lost the House yesterday and more recently the Senate to the GOP and are you really surprised as to why?

    Furthermore, he failed to fulfill a fundamental responsibility of his job, to unite rather than divide.

    He did everything he could to alienate the Republicans and did the same with many of his own alleged colleagues in the Democratic Party.

    He came into office as an Alinsky Community Organizer, holding a beer Summit at the White House with a Harvard Professor and a Cop because he rushed to judgment; he then said Trayvon Martin could have been his son and once again spoke before he had the facts, then there was Ferguson another example of engaging his mouth before his brain and now Baltimore where he is calling for ‘soul searching’ by everyone else but himself.

    This president fuels racism and does little to resolve it.

    It is he that should do the soul searching, he had his chance to do something about the issue of a racial divide but had something else on his agenda, and in turn achieved nothing, but to fuel racism as the community organizer he has proven to be. Yes, riots are him.

  3. norman says:

    Even if you deny historical fact doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. Early in Obama’s presidency a Republican leader stated that his parties main goal is to deny Obama a second term. There was a record setting use of the filibuster as one way of standing against Obama’s legislative agenda. Republican pundits, GOP leaders, conservative think-tank leaders called for total obstruction of his agenda.
    In addition we had the extreme right wing of the Republican party highjacking their party and discovered that budgetary issues could be used to further their obstructionist goals. Boehner, who could have cooperated on legislation lost control of his caucus and the reputation of his party as the party of “no” was assured. Not much has changed.
    Are community organizers evil? Are you aware of accomplishments that were achieved by Obama as community organizer? Or better, what, how or when did he inflame anything at anytime as a community organizer? What is Obama’s community organizer book to inflame? If you mention Alinsky I’d be glad to respond.
    We all came from somewhere and I’m a firm believer that diversity has contributed to the greatness of this country. But I can’t deny that it has and continues to present social problems. These haven’t been exclusive to race. The positive side is that it is undeniable that as a country we’ve made tremendous progress, maybe not equally or at the same pace for all. The remedy is beyond legislation; it’s up to individuals and families as well.

  4. Don Storch says:

    Very frankly I could care less what Obama did as a community organizer in Chicago. Whatever it was, it wasn’t much of a legacy on the basis of the state of affairs with respect to racism that exists in Chicago today.

    I’m more concerned with what Obama has failed to do as President, both domestically and with respect to foreign policy.

    With respect to racism I do believe he has inflamed issues with rhetoric rather calming them; however, I agree with your conclusion that it is up to ‘individuals and families’ to resolve this issue, not legislation.

    Unfortunately it will take even more time, despite the progress that has been made which you cite, for individuals and families to see something other than the profiled perceptions embedded in their minds.

    I believe it is happening, but primarily because of a generational transition in thinking, because past perceptions are not necessarily embedded in the minds of the young.

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