Obama Says His Optics Are More Important Than Domestic And Global Security

Obama in CamdenCamden NJ (Storch Report) — It is clearly apparent today that President Obama is more interested in optics than domestic, or for that matter global, security.

Today he banned by executive order the federal provision of some types of military-style equipment to local police and sharply restricted the availability of others.

It is part of his flawed strategy to ease tensions between law enforcement and minority communities domestically, allegedly placating rioters, criminals, thieves, yes, and out of work thugs which also lies at the president’s doorstep.

He was in Camden New Jersey today one of the most crime-ridden cities in America, trying to make it look like something it isn’t, to promote his executive order.  He shouldn’t be taking away this type of military-style equipment in Camden, anymore than he should in Baltimore, Detroit, Ferguson, or Newark;  he should be providing these cities with more equipment in order to protect the police and allow them to protect the citizens under our constitution from the thugs that are being recruited by radical Islamic terrorists in the inner cities of America who’s objective is to bring down this country.

Let us for a moment juxtapose this action with another Obama took in 2011 on a global basis, when he withdrew US troops from Iraq, literally turning over Iraq to ISIS, walking away from a country that US forces fought for — in vain.  Yes, the likes of the very military equipment he is now talking about taking away from local police here, his actions then turned it over to radical Islamic terrorists with the loss of major Iraqi cities as he once again did in Ramadi, which fell to ISIS today.  And, tomorrow Iraq will fall to Iran, once again, because of this president’s failed polices driven by political optics.

It will result in a bloodbath in Iraq for the sake of Obama optics.  The question is obvious, will this executive order, which is not being taken under the constitution, but apparently for optics and political correctness, bring the bloodbath to our shores?

If you are not aware of how this executive order came about, you might be interested that it resulted from a task force that Obama formed late last year in response to the crisis in Ferguson. Mo.  The report was released today, ergo the trip to Camden by Obama.  The 116-page report calls for law enforcement agencies to “embrace a guardian — rather than a warrior — mind-set to build trust and legitimacy both within agencies and with the public.”

Yes, it contains dozens of recommendations for agencies throughout the country.  The report from the task force cited Ferguson and its unrest as an example of how the “militarization” of police can lead to fear and mistrust.

We are living in a liberal, socialized society of Obama optics overemphasizing political correctness and acting as though 9/11 never happened.

Is dementia contagious in America rather than genetic?

Obama is in the process of delivering a “tool kit” of political correct disaster in the grassroots of America.

I remember the optics of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich  — that Mr. President was transparency.

I’m glad you weren’t our leader then, but I must ask what are you thinking now?

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Author’s Note: Optics are Obama, it’s all in my book you can buy it here, “If a passive-progressive leads from behind, he is a double oxymoron.’





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