STORCH REPORT: Obama Politics, 5 Islamic Terrorists Jailed In Gitmo Exchanged For A Now Charged Army Deserter

DopeyWashington DC (Storch Report) — The cartoon speaks for itself and the ears may be a give-away to whom the character represents when he held a Rose Garden ceremony at the White House celebrating the exchange for an Army Sergent held captive by the enemy, now being charged as a deserter, for five Islamic terrorists held by the US in Gitmo, three of which are now confirmed as returning to the battlefield by the Feds in one form or the other.

The Sergeant in question, Bowe Bergdahl faces a possible court martial and life in prison and as a result of a US policy to bring our military home under any circumstance, as many as 6 US servicemen trying to rescue Bergdahl lost their lives.

Bergdahl WH photoThe White House ceremony was a staged event involving Bergdahl’s mother and father with the objective by President Obama to fulfill a campaign promise, to close the prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

This event and today’s charge by the Army, demonstrates clearly, that his own personal, liberal, social agenda of Politics is the primary objective of President Obama over the nation’s security.

Yes, it’s all about him!

And tonight Jen Paski, a State Department Spokesperson who is returning to the White House with a promotion for words defending the president, admitted he the president wanted to close Gitmo on Fox News.  It is now clear that this was an Obama knee jerk reaction to try to take advantage of a crisis.

But does a leader, even one leading from behind, make such a lame decision with the facts he had at hand, by a celebratory act for an obvious political gain which has now backfired big time.

It will be interesting how the lame stream media plays this event.  Watch for yourself to see where this story appears tomorrow in the New York Times.

We talked about this in my last column, to what extent will Obama go to not let a good crisis go to waste?

Infinity is most likely the answer, because Obama’s politics is more like a pack-man game of distractions from the current crisis at play, scandals galore, social issues, domestic policies, foreign blunders, cover-ups, school lunches for children and flower arrangements in the White House which were too French and not modern enough for Michelle Obama resulting in the departure of the Chief White House Florist for the past six years.

More to come, we have two more years to endure.  Hang in there for more of the change most in America voted for.


Updates on this post:

Author’s Note: Apparently the New York Times was challenged enough by the media outside of the liberal beltway to put the Bergdahl desertion charge on page one, rather than burying it.  Perhaps Obama should be concerned over his lack of control over his primary mouthpiece, who didn’t bury this story as they did others for his progressive agenda. 3/26/15

Author’s Note: Today in an editorial in the New York Times the liberal mouthpiece for the Obama administration, didn’t disappoint and said there was ‘no need to prosecute Bergdahl.’  I rest my case.

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