Obama Policy: Anarchy In The US V Appeasement In Communist Cuba


Havana Manasion

Havana Cuba (The Storch Report) — The juxtaposition of imagery of the Obama Administration from one day in America to another in Communist Cuba is a striking picture of hypocrisy this weekend.

Today there were protests from New York to Arizona over an anti-establishment political candidate running for president of the United States and tomorrow President Obama and family will take a two-day boondoggle trip of appeasement to the Communist nation of Cuba while being housed in a palatial mansion of grace and leaving behind anarchy on the shores of the United States through an administration’s policies of divisiveness.

It is a very striking image of Obama’s failed presidency.

A president who gives up everything to its enemies gains nothing for a nation he ostensibly leads while a candidate back home tries to recapture everything Obama lost and continues to give away.

Obama didn’t create the current plight of the Republican Party but he did set the stage for the environment that exists in America for citizens to rally for an anti-establishment candidate.

Fraud exists in every aspect of our American culture, from Government to Wall Street, from banks to corporations, from criminal acts in the housing crisis, where no one goes to jail, to bailouts of banks and the auto industry, from Benghazi to Iraq & Afghanistan to Iran and North Korea, to criminal acts by a Secretary of State serving under Obama, both participating in cover-ups that killed four Americans and a nefarious convicted terrorist pal of the president, Bill Ayers, participating in Chicago protests of a Republican candidate.

Yes, it took Obama some 7 years to set the anti-establishment stage, the divisiveness with congress, the hiring of Al Sharpton as a presidential advisor on racism, who doesn’t pay his taxes and fosters a movement saying that ‘black lives matter’ as though all lives don’t.  Meanwhile, killings in Obama’s hometown of Chicago among blacks soar under another of his own homegrown personal advisors, Mayor Rham Emanuel.

Now the power brokers of the Republican Party — the ‘good old boys’ — who like to spend time at posh resorts like Sea Island Georgia and having dinners at Capitol Hill steak houses to plot who the establishment candidates should or should not be, also share in the blame for the Trump train rebellion that is taking place.  Opposing, this movement is to hand the election to Hillary Clinton and perhaps that is what the Republicans have in mind.  It maintains the status quo, the fraud prevails in government, the auto industry, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, the lobbyists and the ‘good old boys’  can still go to Sea Island.

Screw the man in the street, he paid the price for the housing industry failure — no one else was held accountable.  Is it Socialism, Communism leading to Fascism what the Republican Party is plotting?  Perhaps we should go back to painting by the numbers?

And tomorrow the image of the Obama family traveling just 90 miles off of United States soil will be juxtaposed.

Obama and Michelle, their two daughters Malia and Sasha the first lady’s mother Marian Robison will stay inside the palatial historic Havana mansion on Communist soil that delivers injustices to its residents, and harbors fugitives from American justice.

The US ambassadorial residence in Havana, a two -story building is more than half the size of the White House, an inconvenience the first family will have to endure for two days.

This is the first US president to visit Cuba in 88 years.

The United States abandoned the ambassadorial residence from 1961 to 1977 after the 1959 Cuban revolution overthrew a pro-American government and Washington severed ties with Fidel Castro.

Although the image appears to be juxtaposed, the injustices on the people of the two nations strike some political similarities.













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