Obama Partners With A Flame Thower And Tax Cheat While Focusing On Ferguson

Sharpton pointingWashington DC (Storch Report) — There seems to be something wrong with this picture.  President Obama held a series of meetings today with his cabinet, protesters, politicians, police, but not from Ferguson, on the subject of Ferguson,  yet has lunch with the biggest flame thrower of racism, Al Sharpton, who owes the IRS $5 M.

Obama, the president, put a focus on Ferguson today while embracing the cause of protesters as a community organizer himself, inflame racism with the presence of Sharpton as the flame thrower of the administration, while trying to focus and ameliorate what he perceives as a mistrust by blacks of cops.

And so he forms a task force to examine, among other things, the use of military equipment and says he will issue an executive order to make sure we are not building a military culture within our police.

He believes there is a simmering distrust between police and the black community.

Obama has had a history of associating himself with those of a checkered past, even those convicted of crimes. 

Al Sharpton is the latest of those nefarious associations.

Today’s meeting was not one designed to heal, it focused on embracing the protestors perception of a cop problem that the president seems to support.  This does not resemble a unifying move. 

The Ferguson police were not invited to the meeting to participate, yet they are the focal point.  The merchants whose businesses were destroyed by blacks, most being black themselves, were not invited.

This was an orchestrated political move with a racist objective, rather unusual for the first black president who should be working to unify the very people he should be representing, rather than encouraging the division between blacks and whites.

Racial unity has been set back like at no other time in recent history as a result of these tactics.

The facts in this situation are being ignored by the president himself.

For example more blacks kill blacks than anyone else, i.e., Mayor Rham Emanuel’s Chicago, a disciple of Obama, has done little to address this situation in his city which leads the country in these crimes.

Blacks killed by cops have gone down by 70%.

Somehow we don’t see Obama addressing these problems or facts, but we do see the inflammation of the negative for political motives.









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