Obama Out To De-legitimatize Trump Presidency


President Obama places sanctions on Russia without presenting any facts that they interfered with the US election.

Meanwhile Julian Assange of Wikileaks refuted claims by the Obama Administration that Russia was behind the cyber attacks that exposed the DNC and the Podesta emails in an exclusive interview last night with Fox’s Sean Hannity

Assange said the Wikileaks source for the emails was not the Russian government or any ‘State Party.’

Podesta’s email password was ‘password.’ He’s a lawyer, but not a rocket scientist. Assange said a ’14-year-old could hack Podesta’s emails.’

The Clinton emails exposed by Wikileaks were true and accurate and have never been refuted by Hillary Clinton.

As were the disclosures released by whistle blower Edward Snowden that the Obama administration’s Intel was spying on US citizens and reporters.

In a comparative analysis, it is strange that the Obama administration did not place any sanctions on Russia when, according to him, they hacked into thousands of US government worker’s computers in the past year, but refused to do anything about it because, as it was speculated, he was sure Hillary Clinton was going to win the election.

And, if it was alright for the Obama administration to spend millions of taxpayer dollars in a failed attempt to negatively influence the Netanyahu election in Israel, why shouldn’t other countries try to influence the US elections as they all do in various forms?  This is but another Obama distraction that the former Community Organizer is using as a disinformation tactic to de-legitimatize the Trump presidency.

In testimony on 1/5/17 on this issue – without providing any concrete evidence –  the Intel agencies said more than ‘hacking’ took place during the election, they cited fake stories, propaganda and disinformation.  And, so what is new.  What we are seeing is more of the same and the public has become immuned to the disinformation they receive and are able to separate the wheat from the chaff. They did so in the past election and put down Obama and Clinton and more of the same voting for change.

It is apparent now that Obama is and will do his best to de-legitimatize the Trump presidency, a character trait that surfaced during the early days of his presidency when he made an apology tour through Europe for the United States not being ‘exceptional,’ doing his best to de-legitimatize America.

The days to Obama’s  departure from the White House cannot move on fast enough.

However, I might, as the conservative columnist that I am, drop a few facts into the liberal equation that demonstrates how far the left will go based upon their brain-washed liberal persuasion:

New England Colleges have one conservative professor to 28 liberal ones; and the State of California has just decriminalized kids from prostitution; allowing pimps to get away with a criminal act because the child cannot testify against the pimp.

The latter being a heartless criminal act that liberals have allowed to pass, an example of the mores on the East and West coasts of the United States.

Modified 1/5/17

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