Obama Once Again Is Being Led By Politics In His Newly Found Strategy In Iraq & Syria

Obama on ISIS

Washington DC (Storch Report) — President Obama, who was dedicated to taking America out of wars, tonight put America back into harm’s way by capitulating to politics as he always does, and in effect declared he will ‘degrade and destroy’  ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. 

After all, the mid-term elections take place in a few months and his party may very well loose the Senate making his last two years more of a nightmare than his first six.

He is not a leader, he is being led, led now by a public that has become hawkish over the beheading of two American journalists by ISIS, for which Obama identified 18,000 terrorist that have taken over a large portion of Iraq, as a ‘JV team.’

And so tonight he said he would authorize air strikes against ISIS in Syria and will support ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria.  How the White House will determine ‘moderate rebels’ is as unresolved as Obama’s final score on any given day on the golf course.

He said there would not be any boots on the ground in Iraq, but said he would have 475 troops on the ground in an advisory capacity, yet in fact, there are already more than a 1,000 boots on the ground.

Obama talked about a broad coalition supporting US efforts but failed to name who they were and according to sources the coalition consists of nine while George W. Bush had 37 nations participating in ‘Operation Desert Storm.’

Again Obama told the enemy what he will and will not do.  So the enemy needs to hunker down for air strikes, but not worry about boots on the ground.

Obama said it will take time to degrade and destroy ISIS, but the ‘effort will be steady and relentless with air power.’

The president promised that if you, “Threaten America you will have no safe haven.”

He said that America is safer today then yesterday and cited US actions in Yemen and Somalia as an example of his strategy to be in Iraq and Syria.  Yemen and Somalia actions by the US have been unsuccessful and have been called a disaster by pundits.

On CNN this evening Jay Carney the former press secretary for Obama was christened by Sen John McCain, in Carney’s new role as a CNN political commentator.  At every turn of Carney’s comments defending Obama, McCain called his statements ‘falsehoods.’  It was a christening rather than a successful debut for Carney.

For one year Obama knew through his own Intel ISIS was more than a JV team with major funding and threats they fulfill, much unlike Obama’s leadership style.

Tonight the president delivered a 15-minute speech in prime-time declaring he was going to destroy ISIS by air with no boots on the ground and with no support of his own Congress.

He has failed to put together a significant coalition of allies that will put boots on the ground while he fights the enemy from the air, which is a failed strategy, assessed by all military analysts.

The strategy has been long in coming and tonight Obama outlined what it was to be.  But it fell short of any form of promise and should have fallen short of detail, but didn’t, for far too often he has telegraphed to the enemy what he was going to do, and he did so once again.

The speech was short of substance, designed only to ameliorate the base of the Democratic Party for the mid-term elections.

America is not safer today than it was six years ago, in fact it is less so, a fact that can be laid at Obama’s doorstep.

Only the closing of the boarders will make it safer for our citizens, a move Obama will not make, and the move he will make calling for amnesty, will not be revealed until after the mid-term elections.

Obama’s foreign policy speech tonight was driven by politics as all of his actions are.  The optics may be golf, which he is non-pulsed by, while his domestic policy is Alinsky community organized politics.

The only optic missing from the end of Obama’s speech this evening was Kate Smith singing God Bless America with flags waving as a drop-back.




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