Obama On The Campaign Stump Circa 2014

Obama In Kansus

Kansas City Mo (Storch Report) — Six years into his presidency, two years left and President Obama is still on the campaign trail speaking to his ‘bros’ and preaching to the choir that sings his praises.

He is doing this to a Hollywood, choreographed, orchestrated pro-Obama audience symbolic of a stump speech of a wannabe president, rather than one who is president, with ethnic tones of 2008 supplemented by the background music of the raspy liberal voice of Bruce Springsteen.

Instead of demonstrating his leadership qualities, which are nil to none, he is on the stump once again bashing those whom the people elected him to work with.

While the world is going to hell in a basket, Obama is not only looking in another direction, it appears that he likes what is happening globally, and resorts to bashing the Republican controlled congress, who is suing him for his unconstitutional domestic acts of executive order.

Obama is an enigma of what the President should be according to the people, the majority of which do not believe he is doing the job he was elected to do.

So he returns to what he does best, campaigning.  This is his comfort zone speaking to the choir, hearing the Amen’s of a symbolic congregation then returning to the isolated cocoon of cronies that surround him in the Oval Office,  and a weekend of golf with a selected threesome of yes men.

Obama was on the stump today speaking to his ‘bros’ in Kansas City Missouri and this is what I saw circa 2014.

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