Obama Make-Up With A Hug, A Kiss And A Song

Kerry Hug & TaylorParis (Storch Report) — With a hug, a kiss and a song President Obama reached far into his PR counsel’s bag of tricks to make-up for a lack of presence last Sunday at a rally following a radical Islamic jihad in Paris, France days before in the killing of 17, at which some 50 global leaders were present at the rally.

Yes, Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Paris France today five days too late with over exuberant hugs and kisses and a song by James Taylor, “You’ve got a Friend,” to say he was ‘sorry,’ to President Francois Hollande for Obama’s lack of presence.  It was as transparent the Obama administration has been since he himself made campaign promises of transparency.

Pete Hegseth, CEO for Concerned Veterans for America and Fox Contributor, as the Outnumbered guest on Fox’s, Outnumbered said today, “We need less of James Taylor and more of James Bond,” delivering the Sock-O punch of the day.

Meanwhile at a joint press conference with Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom, Obama said, “the Muslim population in the United States feels they are Americans.” 

If that is the case why don’t we see it, hear it and feel it?

Kerry said to Hollande: “I wanted to tell you personally of the horror and revulsion that all Americans felt at these cowardly and despicable attacks against innocent victims and fundamental values.”

Despite his humble apologies, Kerry stumbled when pronouncing ‘degout’ – the French word for revulsion.

State Department officials denied that Kerry had apologized for American absence at the march — or that the current event was his way of saying sorry.  But French officials said he had already apologized in private, according to the Daily Mail.

Singer-songwriter James Taylor was Kerry’s Hollywood weapon of choice for the public make-up.  Taylor did an acoustic performance in Paris’s city hall, strumming the French national anthem La Marseillaise, then serenaded Kerry, Hollande and the mayor of Paris with his 1971 hit “You’ve got a friend.’

It was a transparent make-up, while still pandering to Muslims calling the incidents ‘violent extremism,’ rather than radical Islamic terrorism; the PR stunt was the most transparency Obama has shown since he became President.

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