Obama Kissed Michelle In Paris


Obama Kissed Michelle In Paris

Washington DC (Storch Report) — There have been a lot of kisses in France, in particular, Paris.  This is not news, but President Obama tried to make something out of it today telling the world he kissed Michelle there before he became president.  Paris is a city of lights and love, check out the Americans who took advantage of this when they liberated Paris in World War II.

It was a love fest once again today at a press conference at the White House between President Francos Hollande of France who has declared War against ISIS as a result of the attacks in Paris and Obama who expressed sympathy for the attacks and the deaths and injuries but refused to join his French ally in declaring war against an enemy he refuses to identify with a label or recognize as a nation.

President Hollande arrived this AM in the US, went directly to the White House, met for approximately an hour and a half to get support for his declaration of war against ISIS, participated in Obama’s love-fest of a press conference, and walked away with virtually nothing but a few more air attacks against ISIS in Syria.  I hope Obama offered him lunch and kissed him on each side of his cheek as he left for a meeting with President Putin of Russia for his support and who is plotting his own revenge against Turkey for shooting down one of his jets that violated Turkey’s airspace. 

President Obama tried to recoup with rhetoric today from his poor performance while on a worthless boondoggle to Asia while this crisis occurred in Paris and he selected to attack US Republicans over a Syrian refugee entry issue into the US.  He knows his enemy and it’s not ISIS, it’s apparently homegrown politics.  He looked like a fool and his rhetoric today made him look even more foolish, but he thought it might help to preserve his hard-headed ideology policy of Alinsky origin.

He has an ideology that he relentlessly perseveres, but is much like a salmon swimming upstream on the Champs-Elysees for a kiss with someone under the Arch de Triumph, but can’t find a mate.

Nevertheless, he promised to attend a climate change meeting being held next week in Paris, to show ISIS that life goes on, and if true, could possibly cause oceans to rise an inch or two 100 years from now. In the United States, 3% of the nation is concerned about this while the majority are concerned about terrorism.

However, Obama thinks his rhetoric is the best weapon to fight all evils, most of which he can’t identify, other than climate change.





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