Obama Is Tone Deaf


Obama speech

Washington DC (Storch Report) — President Obama presents political obfuscation to everything, including his primary responsibility, which is his greatest failure, national security.

His emptiness is appalling, his strategy is by Alinsky design telling us Muslims who are killing us, are our friends, preaching tolerance and gun control.

Following the attack of Japan on Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt rallied America to defeat an enemy; Obama is not capable of this with his myopic vision even if the threat is the same.

For seven years, Obama has been leading politically, the only rather sick character he possesses with his ideologic vision, now using divisiveness and gun control, for example, as a distraction to take advantage of a crisis and diverting one’s attention from his primary responsibility to protect Americans.

Obama thinks the ISIS threat is ‘evolving;’ no Mr. President it is growing.

Last night Obama used the words radicalization in a speech in which he wasted Americans’ time and associated it with terrorism, only relating it with, in his mind, a perverted interpretation of Islam, the enemy at the gates of America.

But he has no strategy to deal with it, not here, there or anywhere.

He said, ‘freedom is more powerful than fear,’ which is easy for him to say with more than 10 secret service persons surrounding him at all times with guns to protect his life while he preaches further restrictions on the people’s 2nd amendment rights to bear arms.

Why he thought that he had something to say in prime time last night with reheated rhetoric is beyond comprehension.

He said nothing in 13 minutes and wouldn’t have delivered more in 30, but whatever inane thought he had, I guess he had to get it off his chest telling us the San Bernardino massacre of 14 persons by ISIS religious ideology was an ‘isolated incident’ and if that gives you comfort I wouldn’t try taking it to the bank and cashing it in for anything more than what Obamacare is worth to you today.








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