Obama Is On The Ballot Next Week

Faux Ebola Statement

Washington DC (Storch Report)– As Americans go to the polls next week to exercise their right of being citizens of the United States they need to realize that President Obama is on the ballot.

Make no mistake that a vote for a Democrat on any level, local, state or federal, is a vote for Obama’s policies.  I didn’t say that, Barack did.

Although all Dems are trying to distance themselves from President Obama, they are in fact his minions accepting his policies and fund raising dollars, espousing his policies.

The polls are not swinging well for Obama nor his disciples.  These statements are facts.

I am not reaching into Obama’s baggage of the past six years, just the last 24 hours to make my point. 

Today we find out that an Obama staffer, operating under the Obama White House culture, slams Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by calling him a ‘coward’ and ‘chicken Sh–t.’ 

And to add insult to insult Obama doesn’t apologize for the comment, he upholds it through his press secretary and doesn’t make a move to fire the staffer that creates an international issue with a long term ally.

And then Obama appears before a faux white coat medical background of what I guess were doctors supporting his position on the subject of Ebola, stating, “We cannot hermetically seal ourselves from the world.”

Here he is, as usual, mixing medical backgrounds with political PR messages, while his newly appointed, political operative Ebola Czar, Ron Klain hasn’t surfaced yet with a comment, but sits in the audience receiving slaps on the back from democrats.

In other words, I am not going to protect Americans from this deadly disease with a quarantine in West Africa.

Meanwhile in Australia that is precisely what they are doing.  They will not issue any visas from Ebola hot zones in West Africa without a 21 day quarantine in that country.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting tomorrow that Obama will not ban travel from West Africa because of race.

And there is the issue from a president that is allowing his heritage to influence good common sense.

Now in this same period of time there was a memo that was leaked from the administration that we wrote about yesterday that said Obama was going to bring into the US Ebola patients and treat them here exposing more Americans to this deadly virus and at the cost of $500,000 per patient.

The White House walked back the memo today saying it was written by a mid-level employee and was not considered by any high level operative, according to State Department and White House flacks.  

Obama has created a culture of foreign policy that insults our allies; and an Ebola policy that fails to protect Americans and this is just in the past 24 hours.

A vote for a Democrat in these mid-term elections is a vote for Obama’s failed policies of the last six years.









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