Obama Grants Hillary A Pardon; Endorses Biden For President


Hillary Fights Back

Washington DC (Storch Report) — In an unprecedented, global shocking move cementing a legacy that will now go down for sure in history, President Obama granted Hillary Rodham Clinton a preemptive presidential pardon absolving her of “all offenses against the United States which she has committed or may have committed or taken part in from the time she was appointed Secretary of State to her resignation from the post.”

It was a good news bad news announcement for Hillary, the leading Democratic presidential candidate, but it was dampened when at the same time Obama announced he was endorsing Vice President Joe Biden for president if he selects to run.

Ironically the announcement came after Bill Clinton was overheard trying to comfort Hillary at a fund raising event in the Hampton’s this weekend reminding her, “Nelson Mandela was elected president after he was released from prison.”

The announcement also came among growing criticism over Hillary’s transmission of classified emails over a private server located in her Chappaqua NY home, now under investigation by the FBI and the Justice department for possible criminal violations.

While the presidential pardon comes at a time when Hillary’s poll numbers are in a tail-spin over the email scandal, the endorsement of Biden by Obama sent the Clinton camp reeling into a state of depression.

It is well known that there was never any love lost between the Clinton’s and the Obama’s; they more likely fulfill the cliche that, “politicians make for strange bedfellows.”

Although preemptive pardons are very rare, the most famous one of all time was when Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon before any charges were filed.

As usual the White House tried to put a positive spin on the announcement, especially the endorsement of Biden, by noting that there are some exceptions to pardons under the Constitution.  As a distraction from the Biden issue, a spokesman said, the chief executive can’t pardon someone for a violation of state law or nullify a civil ruling, and his power doesn’t extend to convictions handed down in an impeachment proceeding.

“It’s also not clear whether the president can pardon himself,” the spokesman said, implying that should Hillary become president she might not be able to pardon herself.

In making these blockbuster announcements, President Obama said, “If I can change the name of Mt. McKinley, by executive order, I should be able to help my good friend Hillary Clinton.”






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