Obama Gave Away The Store To Iran

Washington DC (Storch Report) — President Obama gave awDon Dealay the store today to Iran for his own short-term perceived positive legacy which will prove to be his long-term historical failure to the nation and the world.

And because he is not at all that confident Congress will sanction the deal he struck, he immediately came out of the box threatening to Veto any bill Congress might pass to kill the deal.

He quickly noted that the deal was not based upon trust but puts a lid on Iran’s current development of nuclear weapons, but won’t prevent Iran from eventually getting the bomb within 5 to 10 years.

Iran is an historically known cheater as the world has witnessed.

And in touting what was negotiated as an achievement, often boasting in the past that he has the backs of all Americans, Obama left four American prisoners in Iran behind in the deal.

While America was in the position of strength, that Obama still claims foolishly, based upon the economic sanctions — freezing $100 Billion of Iranian money — the United States and other countries nevertheless negotiated from weakness to a bad deal and it is unlikely the sanctions will snap back as quickly as Obama promises if Iran violates the deal; and even if Iran follows the agreement they will still get the bomb within 10 years.

It is unlikely other nations will once again join in the sanctions, Russia and Syria already like the deal and Iran is celebrating in the streets. 

What a bum deal, the only conclusion one can come to, based upon Obama’s progressive liberal policies, is that he wants to redistribute America’s power to the world and destroy the exceptionalism of a great nation.

While the political pundits try to delve into the details of the devil, we do have some of the basics of what is a bad deal.

It is clear that Obama chose legacy over logic and it was he that accused others of making the deal political.

Only four days ago the leader of Iran declared death to America and death to Israel and Obama continued to deal with the Devil. Perhaps it was one devil trying to outplay the other devil in a poker game with Obama holding the chips of the world.  A rather dangerous dictatorship move by a so called leader of a Democracy.

To verify Iran is living up to the agreement will be a challenge at best as the world has already experienced, on this very issue, the cheating and a lying character of rug merchants.    

America and the puppet nations going along with the deal for their own motives, have allowed Iran to keep the nuclear infrastructure it has already developed, ready for a start-up at any time.

A rather dangerous move for the so called  Obama term ‘safety’ of the world.

To verify Iran’s compliance with the agreement involves a complex degree of inspections with multiple options for Iran piled upon options which could prolong a dispute for more than 30 days.

By lifting the sanctions the deal releases $100 Billion of Iran’s money to fund in the interim terrorism in the Mideast and around the world.

This will allow Iran to shop in the bazaar of arms to provide the most sophisticated weapons to terrorists to fight our very own military.

Iran slicked the USA exposing Obama’s weaknesses on all diplomacy fronts.

Even John Kerry Secretary of State, who was the primary figure negotiating the deal, admits that this is not a building block for a future relationship with Iran.

No, it certainly is not, in fact it is unquestionable that it will fuel an arms race in the Middle-east.

To demonstrate Iran’s good faith while negotiations were taking place, they seized US ships, and held Americans hostage in Iran.

Meanwhile Obama announced the reduction of America’s military by 40,000 personnel, further reducing our defense.

Netanyahu of Israel called the deal a ‘historical mistake for the world’ and giving Iran ‘a licence to kill.’

Back in the US the GOP decried the deal, but Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential candidate, cheered the action flip-flopping from a previous position on the same issue.

Obama does not defend America, for he doesn’t take the battle to the enemy, he allows the Islamic terrorist group ISIS to come to us, likewise in this deal Obama capitulates to Iran and they will eventually bring their nuclear arms to the United States.

Obama is so shallow he is willing to settle for a short-term positive personal legacy at the risk of a historic long-term failure for the nation and the world. 













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