Obama Delivers A Call To Arms For Liberalism

Obama Inaugral

President Barack H. Obama, the H standing for Hussein which he apparently selected not to use for introductions during the inaugural for some undisclosed reason, signaled the call for the expansion of a liberal agenda.

It was a very partisan speech, a speech that spanned everything from healing the planet to the inequalities at home.

However, there was no mention of the economy or jobs, both of which are virtually in the same place they were when he began his first term.  The only mention he made to recovery was that, ‘we are on the road to recovery,’ which we were on, again, when he first took office.

He in effect called the end to the age of Reaganism, he apparently see’s himself as a historical figure as Reagan was, but at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

It was Obama unbound, unvarnished speaking of, ‘we the people caring for the vulnerable, the poor, pointing out that a shrinking few do very well and rest hardly make it and that freedom is not for the very few or the lucky.’

He noted that a decade of war has ended and we don’t require a perpetual war.

He took a shot a Republicans for name calling, without calling them out by name, but who else could he have been talking about?

It was an Obama ode to big liberal government with climate & energy on the top of the agenda, giving a nod to gay brothers & sisters and immigrants, apparently thinking forward to 2014.

From the conservative point of view it was a divisive speech with the only humble moment coming when Obama said, “I take the same oath of office as the solider and immigrants take.”

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