Obama Damaged America With Callous Intent


Obama on Scalia funeral

Washington DC  (Storch Report) — President Obama’s incompetence, inexperience, inability to form a working relationship with Congress, form collations with allies and govern with the qualities of leadership had little to do with the damage he did to America, it had to do with his progressive radical Marxist-Alinsky motives to lead from behind, implement wealth redistribution domestically and equalize the global power with the intent to diminish America’s military power and the nation’s  exceptionalism.

Obama was a dangerous man to America before he was elected to his first term, all of the signs were there from the people he associated with to his policies, the worst of which was not upholding the Constitution of the United States.

Obama has ruled by executive order, much as a monarchy, not as a democracy. He has fostered racism and divisiveness.

He has fostered racism and divisiveness with intent. 

He is a petty man, with vindictiveness and no presidential qualities. 

His Constitutional lawyer prowess has to do with how to avoid upholding the Constitution, with the intent of destroying our founding fathers vision for America. 

He has taken advantage of an evolving social culture of permissiveness, a nation destroying premise.

While Obama slams Congress for being obstructive, he further declares this is the roots of racism. 

How misguided this Alinsky disciple is along with Hillary Clinton a presidential candidate and another Alinsky disciple. 

Obama will attend a viewing of the late Antoni Scalia, a most prominent Justice of the Supreme Court, but will snub the funeral, most likely for a golf game on Saturday.

Scalia was an ‘originalist’ when it came to the Constitution.  He upheld what the founders of this nation believed and firmly upheld its interpretations over the years he served on the Supreme Court.

Upon his death, Obama vowed to nominate a replacement in due time and expects a Senate approval.

You can bet the nominee will not be the likes of Scalia and his beliefs in the Constitution.

Obama is not a president with the paramount interests of the United States.

He is one that will continue his agenda with only months to serve, instead of leaving such a critical decision for our nation’s next president.

Obama has never been presidential, nor will he ever be.  So expect more of the same for the remaining months, a disappointment of paramount proportions.

Meanwhile across the pond, the Pope weighs in on presidential candidate Donald Trump suggesting he is not a Christian because he wants to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. 

Imagine the Pope making such a statement, while he is walled in at the Vatican? 

Hypocrisy prevails even in religion.









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