Obama Continues Apology Tour Of 2009 At UN

Obama UN Speech

New York (Storch Report) — Today President Obama picked up where he left off in 2009 just three months after he was elected to office apologizing for America’s failings on a Euro tour, but now suggesting in an analogy at the UN that we too have our own moral failings citing racial and ethnic tensions and the killing of a black teenager in Ferguson Mo., by police with the be-headings by ISIS in the Mideast of US journalists and others around the world.

It was once again a statement that was politically driven with the design of stimulating black voters for the mid-term elections.  A president that invokes the racial card every time it fits the political agenda.

This is a president of politics, whether or not it is appropriate, judicially or in the defense of Americans.

For example, in the Ferguson case there is no hard crime data, the case is still under investigation.  Not much different than his comments before the fact about the case of a white cop and a black Professor at Harvard in Boston, nor his comments about the killing of a black teen by a white security guard in Florida, or calling the Ft. Hood massacre by a Jihad Muslim ‘workplace violence’  and he did the same in Benghazi blaming the Al Qaeda terrorist attack that killed our Ambassador to Libya and three others in our US Embassy outpost on  a film.  He speaks with political purpose never letting the facts get in the way of the political objective

And so it was again today at the UN.  He declared that “we will never be at war with Islam.”

This in defiance of the facts of ISIS Islamist’s roping women, enslaving and raping them for the purpose of a Jihad caliphate.

Obama has been quickly transformed politically from a peace nick withdrawing troops from Iraq and soon to be Afghanistan to a President of war against what he calls a “peaceful people” who have been at war over religion since their existence.  He speaks to Americans as though they were ignoramuses . . . well, after all they did elect him.  He may have a point!

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