Obama And Family Escaping To Hawaii


Washington DC (Storch Report) — The first question that was asked at today’s White House Press briefing when it was announced President Obama was taking his family to Hawaii, “Is he on another vacation?”

Josh Earnest the robotic press secretary said emphatically, “No!”

Earnest said this was a strategic security move by the president for the safety of the first family because the, “White House is just not safe today as a result of recent incidents,” adding, ” we can’t even get someone to lock the front door.”

He further said that since the Secret Service Director resigned today, we have an acting director in place and there is an independent investigation going on during this transition, and therefore, “the president thought it was a prudent time to get out of town until things settle down.”

A reporter asked if the dogs will be going with the first family, Earnest said, “Of course, they will be on Air Force Two.”

Another reporter asked if Obama would be playing golf?  Earnest said the White House is just being transferred to Hawaii temporally — it will be business as usual.  “As for golf, if the opportunity comes up I’m sure he will take advantage of it.”

A voice blurted out from the back of the room, “Who will be watching the Secret Service from straying into the red light district of Hawaii as they did in Cartagena, is Obama staying away from elevators, and is he aware that World War II was started by Japan and it was they that attacked Pearl Harbor and he could be in harm’s way?”

Earnest quickly responded, “Homeland Security will be watching Secret Service; the home where the Obama’s will be staying have no elevators; and, although the president wasn’t born when World War II broke out, he is well aware of history.”



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