Obama, A 7-Year-Ringmaster Of A 3-Ring Circus, Created The Opportunity For Trump To Be President


Obama the ringmaster

Washington DC (Storch Report) — President Obama failed the middle class with promises he couldn’t fulfill, jobs he couldn’t provide, salaries he couldn’t deliver and stirred-up racism within the communities in which they lived to create an anger that reflects a culture we are witnessing in America now during the primary election process we are experiencing.

Obama, with his Alinsky philosophy of socialism, Marxism, wealth redistribution, failed domestic, military and foreign policy created the opportunity for a non-established political presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump, to run for president.

This is Obama’s legacy, an angry nation, a clown of a black man who grew up with a white mother and grandmother in the privileged environment of Hawaii. Hardly the city he calls home, Chicago, nor the Ivy league schools he attended, Harvard and Columbia.

The hypocrisy was there from the get-go.  He played his skin for what it was in appearance, but not what it was in reality.

He can’t even segue out of office in his final months with class or grace.  

He failed to attend the funeral of the late Justice Antoni Scalia and jokes about the burden of having to fill his position, which the GOP rebukes and won’t even consider.

Today, he once again tried to fulfill a campaign promise to close the detention prison Camp Delta at Gitmo where we are holding al Qaeda prisoners and return those left to prisons in the United States, violating a law passed by Congress. 

The Constitution does not seem to be something the President abides by, not in upholding the law as it exists nor in his pledge to uphold his oath of office.

He is alleged to be a Constitutional lawyer, but it is my impression that he studied the Constitution to circumvent it rather than uphold it.

He claims that terrorists use Gitmo as a recruiting tool and that allies continue to raise it with him in meetings as an issue.

These claims belie the facts, there is no evidence that terrorists use it as a recruiting tool, in fact, the terrorists at Gitmo, are al Qaeda; the terrorists of today are ISIS.

Obama has never been tuned into the facts, more likely he is focused on his own political objectives and less likely the good of American and more likely his own ideology.

This has created the anger, this has created the opportunity, this is what appears to be a transformation and the public’s reaction and as a result this is what Obama’s legacy will be. 







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