O Represents Bad Government, Bad Policy & Bad Politics

Obama's tan suit

Washington DC (Storch Report) — The main stream liberal media fails to adhere to the basic tenants of the very field they practice – journalism.

How is it they can give a pass to President Obama who is absent with malice from fulfilling the oath of office he took during two inaugurations?

Is it possible after six years they can not see Obama’s ineptness, the lack of experience and the inability to make a decision amidst a myriad of crises?

Or, are they complicit in Obama’s Alinsky game plan they choose not to report upon?

We have a minor league team of clowns in the Obama Administration, still blaming Bush for their own failures, ruining a great nation and the liberal media continues to ignore the obvious.

Obama has intentionally neutered a nation of global leadership and power and the check and balance of journalism and a free press —  but for a few — has allowed it to take place for its own political leanings, failing to uphold the first amendment which is a fundamental check and balance of our democracy.

It is no mystery that those that report for the media and those that teach our youth in the halls of higher learning are liberal, so the place we are in has all the inclinations to support the progressive policies of an inexperienced leader who has reached his own level of inept incompetence and goals that do not represent America.

For an alleged learned man, Obama shows no signs of learning any lessons during his presidency, a term widely used now for some time in both industry and government.  Instead he shows a callous arrogance, an inability to unite, but instead introduces policies to divide.

He would rather play golf with Alonzo Mourning part owner of the Boston Celtics than John Boehner, Majority leader of the House, or for that matter a democratic colleague.  He is not a  Ronald Reagan, nor a Tip O’Neill seeking solutions to work together.

He has an agenda, one that has now proven to not be good for the future of the United States.

Having said this, I give no kudos to the Republicans, for during this very political progressive policy both domestic and global, a debacle of monumental proportions, they have failed to provide an alternative vision — one that could have a detrimental impact on the Nation in the upcoming mid-term elections.

And the best the liberal media can talk about is the tan suit Obama wore when he admitted he didn’t have a ‘strategy’ for the unexpected emergence of the sophisticated and organized terrorist group called ISIS or action upon them in their headquarters in Syria. 








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