O Did Have An ISIS Strategy Its Code Name Was “Pin The Note”

Pin The Note

Washington DC (Storch Report) — Obama did have a strategy for ISIS after all.

He revealed it at a private off the record meeting at the White House and the New York Times reported on it, but even though they had three representatives present, they claim they obtained the information from other unnamed sources that were present.

I guess there must have been multiple discussions going on at the same time at which the Times’ reporters were not present.

So according to the anonymous sources the conversation went something like this:

J (Journalist):  “Mr. President you must have had a strategy for ISIS even though you said you didn’t?

O (Obama): “I did but unfortunately I couldn’t reveal it because our lines of communications weren’t open to ISIS.”

J: “What was the strategy?”

O: “Well, the code name was, ‘Pin the Note.’  You see, ISIS made a major strategic error by beheading those two American journalists and the anger it generated resulted in the American public forcing me into taking military action.”

J: “And what is it that you would have advised?”

O: “If I had been an adviser to ISIS I would not have killed the hostages but released them and pinned notes on their chests saying, ‘Stay out of here; this is none of your business.’  Such a move might have undercut support for military intervention and that would have pleased me.  After all, I’m better at fund raising, than theater.”

J: “Is it true that you are seeing Charles Krauthammer?”

O “I deny that I’m under therapy.  Who does that Karut think he is calling me a narcissist . . .  a psychiatrist?  I don’t “talk like the emperor, Napoleon.  I never put my hand inside my coat as Napoleon did.  I don’t think I’ll invite him to the White House again.”

J: “Napoleon or Krauthammer?”

O: “You know who I’m talking about, I talk to Napoleon all the time.  In fact I had his fiddler here for a concert a few weeks ago.”

J: Krauthammer said you used ‘I’ 29 times when you announced the killing of Osama binLaden, is that true?

O: ” I think it was 30, but I didn’t pull the trigger.”

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