O Can’t Even Name A War With Clarity

Isis fighters parade through Raqqa

Washington DC (Storch Report) — It took 69 days for the Obama Administration to name the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and today they announced through a strategic leak that they have now found two words to attach to Operation that were innocuous and politically correct at the same time, put them together and came up with ‘Operation Inherent Resolve.’

Now that should scare the shorts off the enemy.

It sure doesn’t quite come up to the standard for code names of past wars such as General Eisenhower’s ‘Operation Overlord’ or even George H. W’s ‘Operation Desert Storm.’

It was code terms of yesterday that called a war a war.

It sounds to me like a group of wimpy Czars got together in the White House and collectively said how can we please POTUS knowing he will never declare war against an Islamic nation even though they, ISIS, are known to be by their acronym as the Islamic State in Iraq & Syria.

However, Obama would rather call them ISIL, the International Society for Individual Liberty, even though ISIS is what they call themselves, as does everyone else, and militarily they now control the majority of Iraq.  Sounds like a recognizable state to me and to say this is not a war against Islam, what Obama wants us to believe, is pure hypocrisy.

To date America has conducted more than 400 air strikes on the enemy to little avail, claiming there are no US boots on the which he promised to Americans, when in fact there are.

His Generals have told him that we can’t win without boots on the ground.

It seems to me what is taking place is a real war where people are being killed and barbarically beheaded, and Obama seems to see it as a war of being politically correct with words.

Let’s look at the words.  Operation is immaterial, but inherent and resolve are as about innocuous as you can select for a war, but they do provide insight into O’s thinking.

Inherent is associated with words such as innate, intrinsic, inborn, ingrained and deep rooted.  I can’t help but think these words might lead in some way to American ‘exceptionalism,’ but I must be wrong about that because O apologizes for that word globally when it relates to Americans.

Then there is resolve, which is related to words such as, settle or find a solution, decide course of action, and to do something . . . well that resonates with a passive-progressive president that leads from behind, suggesting the words say O still doesn’t have a strategy.

I guess if you are O you can declare a war with no strategy, take 69 days to label it and then select politically correct words to be ambiguous about it.

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