Now You Can Dislike Me On Facebook


dislikeNew York (Storch Report) — Finally, there will be an opportunity for some balance in social media.  Facebook is going to have a dislike button on its social network, everything will not necessarily be likeness and there will be an opportunity for dislikeness.

However, you will still have the option of not making a declarative comment by abstaining.

All of the time I was posting news and column headlines on social networks, trying to drive readers to my website, I, at times, got despondent because I didn’t get many likes.

Perhaps it had something to do with my parent’s admonition, when I was young, that it was not a good idea to talk about politics and religion in a social environment, but that’s what I do, now to all of my unmentioned dislikes.  But now my friends can click dislike and tell me how they really feel.

I don’t post personal items, except for some sunsets when I desire some ‘likes.’  I do this because it reflects upon the perch from which I write and I do get a few likes, but not as many as others in their sunsets — and mine are better.  That comment must have been a brash Trumpisim, but, I must admit, a truism. But then again, how many do I need and how controversial can a sunset be?  I see them all the time,  I like them, but I can’t debate them.

I happen to believe political correctness is overtaking America to the point it is changing the words and their meanings of the language we speak and is affecting the world in which we live.

Whoa, profundity.  I didn’t mean to go there, I might have offended someone.

PC, I believe, it is but a symptom of a changing society, or at least one in transition to a liberal progressivism that is impacting society from cradle to grave — and perhaps fetus to grave.

Whoops! There I’ve done it again, and I recognized it, but I can’t help myself.  Even the Pope doesn’ t agree with me.

Can you believe I was once a Public Relations Consultant?

It is my opinion that the liberal progressivism which has invaded our culture has affected the way in which our elected leaders govern.  Laws are not being upheld, the Constitution is being by-passed by the executive branch, public servants are not living up to their oath of office and the Supreme Court has overstepped its jurisdiction by re-writing laws.  I will throw a brief fact in here that 75% of our population believes our government is corrupt and this figure is up from 2009, put that in perspective with respect to the current administration.

All of this brings me back once again to why I like Facebook bringing that dislike button to its social network.

I believe we live in a participatory democracy, one which allows us to speak our mind and now one that allows each individual to have a voice through the internet the likes of which no one heretofore has been able to enjoy. Exercise your privilege, whether it be from the left or the right.  Participate in that democracy that allowed you to express your opinion and influence others all at the same time enjoying the camaraderie and the interaction of what social media affords, that is, if it’s possible.

As for me, I will now seek more dislikes than likes because of my controversial nature . . . and when I get despondent . . .  longing for likes . . . I will publish a sunset.


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  1. gml says:

    Well I do not mean to disappoint but this one is a “LIKE”

  2. Don Storch says:

    Well, that saves me from publishing one sunset! Thanks.

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