Now It’s Social Media’s Fault

Obama vanishes

Washington DC (Storch Report) — President Obama never seems to run out of people to blame for his failures. 

I don’t think he was ever very fond of Harry Truman, who once sat in the same oval office during World War II during the trials, tribulations  and victories of the Greatest Generation of our time and said,  the ‘buck stopped’ with him.

Over the weekend Obama, the silver slippery-tongued orator said while preaching to the Democratic choir, “the world has always been messy” and he thought Americans were unduly worried now because of Twitter, You Tube and the nightly news.

Did the leader of the free world with the most powerful military under his command really say that?

Somehow I think he actually forgot that President George W. Bush was still around.

Now what is it that he thinks America is unduly worried about?

Could it be that he admitted last Thursday that “we don’t have a strategy” to combat ISIS in Iraq nor are willing to take the fight to their headquarters in Syria?

Could it be that ISIS beheaded an American journalist a week ago upon which he commented while on vacation and then dashed off to play golf on Martha’s Vineyard?

Could it be that today another American journalist was beheaded by ISIS, with the announcement coming at 1:05 PM and Obama vanished without comment at 3:40 PM?

Once again, I guess it’s the social media and the news media’s fault for logging in these facts.

Today it was revealed that Obama knew of ISIS rise as a terrorist threat in Iraq from daily briefings a year-ago while conveying to the public, he was caught off guard by a lack of Intel.

“In part, we’re just noticing now because of social media and our capacity to see in intimate detail the hardships that people are going through,” he said.

While preaching to the choir he said, “It feels like the world is falling apart, . . .we’ve seen the barbarity of an organization like Isil . . . We’ve seen divisions within the Muslim community between the Shia and Suni.

“All of that makes things pretty frightening.  And then, you turn your eyes to Europe and you see the President of Russia making a decision to look backwards instead of forward.”

Then he rhetorically delivers a series of mixed metaphors to his congregation about American military superiority, how well the economy is doing and compares the current global situation favorably to the deprivations of the Great Depression.

Perhaps President Obama is paying too much attention to the social media on his iPhone, and not enough attention to his daily intelligence briefings on ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

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